The next Call of Duty doesn’t seem to have jetpacks

Design Director at Treyarch Studio David Vanderhar told on his Twitter that he hates jetpacks, and, apparently, we are unlikely to see them in Call of duty 2023 year. At this point, the site attracted attention CharlieIntel, specializing in a series of shooters Activision.

To the fan’s message saying, “You better add jetpacks to the next Call of Duty,” Vanderhar gave a concise answer: “NO.”

Responding to another fan who thought jetpacks would “revive” Call of Duty, Vanderhar said he still had PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) from them.

The next part of Call of Duty has not yet been officially unveiled. According to rumors, it is being developed by Treyarch, who was responsible for the creation of Black Ops 3, where jetpacks were present. However, the inclusion of the latter in multi-user mode is still considered by some to be a controversial decision. Game critics ridiculed the impossibility of firing aimed shots while balancing in the air, saying that there was no question of any competition in Black Ops 3. Despite this, fans of the series appreciated the new mechanics, which radically changed the strategy of movement and provided beginners with an additional tool for escape.

According to the information Jason Schreier of Kotaku, the production of the next Call of Duty was entrusted to Treyarch due to disagreements between Raven Software and Sledgehammer, who were originally responsible for Call of Duty 2023. Now these studios act only as support. According to rumors, the development problems were so great that Activision for the first time since 2012 broke the three-year cycle.

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