Forza Horizon 3

And no, it is not a “catch phrase” of video game journalist. Australia is the real protagonist here, above the car porn that unfolds on your machine. The synergy that occurs between the map, the music and the control of the player is such that this is the typical ga


me that you want to shoot when you get tired of work. They are virtual mini vacancies to the paradise of the chosen colors and the sounds that accompany it. And I have promised myself not to be weighed in this analysis with the mastery that PlayGround demonstrates with the colors to avoid that you stop reading in this paragraph.


Better this way: Horizon 3 is synonymous with freedom . What the saga was always looking for, between its cool festivals, its “colleague” and its carefree tests, is finally achieved in this delivery in its entirety. They take off the arm band of colors of the arm to be


come you, directly, in the head of the festival . An excuse like any other to let you do what you want. And to introduce one of the best custom test creation systems that are remembered in the driving genre, perhaps from Test Drive Unlimited .


That you do not like the test that the festival proposes to you? You have a thousand made by other players who play with the car classes and the we


ather. Or you can make your own. With time, you will open so many points to create personalized tests that PlayGround could afford the luxury of closing the saga with this delivery and we would continue to play it perfectly within 10 years.




All-terrain control

Something that perhaps does not share its multiplayer mode so much . The rewind has always been the subject of debate, but it is possible to make peace with it when you want to devote more to enjoy the game. But when the online competition enters, like the Rivals mode , the fact of being able to continue using this option is a controversial decision at le

ast. And before the dubious ability to get a good ranking table, you’ll see more people competing in custom tests by the players themselves, where y
ou can choose to remove the rewind from the equation and rely solely on your ability. These tests are one of the great novelties of Forza Horizon 3, where control and total personalization is granted to the player, beyond the competitions offered by the game during his Adventure mode.


Forza Horizon 3 analysis

Now, in addition to the tests offered by the festival, you can create your own. The best ones allow you to choose a route and mark your own time.

But perhaps this is the greatness of Horizon, because the spectrum of difficulty it handles is so broad that you can adjust it to any ti


me you are. What do you want a true competition? Start to turn off aidsuntil this resembles the original Forza a bit, where your physical engine drinks from . Do you prefer something more relaxed today? Reduce a little the difficulty of the (crazy) drivatars and allow some assistance (or rewind) and enjoy races that take you from the


heart of the city to the deepest jungle. And it is in this capacity to give you what you want, where Horizon has always shone and Horizon 3 embroiders it. To be able to enjoy besides the main mode in cooperativeis another example of PlayGround wanting to cover all your ways of playing. Enjoy the Forza Horizon 3 as you wish at any time. That is freedom.


Forza Horizon 3 PC

There’s nothing like driving at sunset with rain in the middle of the jungle. It will be difficult to concentrate on some moments.

The freedom that the saga always sought is finally achieved in its entirety in this delivery

For all this, I am still surprised by some decisions of the study. Because offering an open world is always as ambitious as it is ri

sky, and at times the Horizon saga knows how to take advantage of it by opening the field beyond the roads, and others seem an obstacle because of the imperative need to arrive (and take time to arrive) to the tests before you start playing.


Look for example in The Crew , which offers a gigantic open world. And in Ivory Tower they were aware that sometimes the distances between test in test were too long. What did you do? A system quite similar to the latest The Elder Scrol


ls: the first time you have to manually arrive, but once you have discovered the area, you can travel fast and start the test instantly. In Horizon 3 you can again travel fast between festivals, with the small annoyance of paying 10,000 CR. Which brings us to the next point:


The micropayments


Forza Horizon 3

The spectrum of difficulty that it handles is so broad that you can adjust it any time you are

It is a pity that such a huge game, so immense (so artistic, I dare say) and well planned as Horizon 3 is so plagued with micropayments by absolutely every corner you can imagine. It’s not new, since in the other games of the saga it also happe

ns, but Forza Horizon 3 gets ridiculous points like wanting to sell a pack of funny speakers for money. Do you want to know where the hidden cars are? Pay. Do you want to teleport? Pay credits. Do you want to change car in free mode? Pay.


It would not be different from other games that contain micropayments if they were easily avoidable, but when they intermingle with design deci


sions, they can honestly hurt the work. Because Horizon 3 would be better game without them; it would gain better pace without them and it wo


uld be fairer without them. There is even a VIP pass that, among other things, doubles the winnings of the prize roulette, which breaks the internal economy, because being VIP is too easy and not being so, something complicated to get enough credits.