Review The Crew 2

Four years after the release of the first part, Ubisoft, together with Ivory Tower, releases The Crew 2, the second part of the popular video game series, which may well be considered a competitor to Forza Horizon. Although, I think, many can argue with this.

From the very first missions you are immersed in the atmosphere of the country of Motornation, where races are held on various vehicles, from motorcycles to super-powerful planes.

Instead of the usual experience points, the indicator of your progress will be the popularity (or status) of the viewers of the country watching you from the screens of their devices.

In The Crew 2 only 5 statuses – beginner, popular, celebrity, superstar, legend.

The number of missions and disciplines available to you depends on popularity.

Of course, this may seem a bit strange, especially for those who really are keen on ring races: popularity in social networks, on Youtube and other platforms is far from what sports car pilots and speed lovers like and appreciate in races.

Passion of races, so to speak, consists of very different aspects of racing competitions, such as full concentration, fighting against rivals and with yourself, the full payoff of yourself and your team.

Yes, maybe I’m dramatizing a bit, and therefore I’ll make a small remark: I do not like this accent in The Crew 2, aimed at social networks. Maybe someone will catch it, especially the younger generation.

But this is not what I expect from racing games.

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So, from the first missions you show the features of The Crew 2 – a great variety of vehicles.

Racing throughout the US, including deserts and sea spaces.

You can purchase and bring to your garage sports cars, motorcycles, SUVs, motor boats, sports planes and real racing cars. In the new part, a little emphasis is placed on racing cars.

In the process of development,you will be offered to join the Pro-racers caste and buy several cars that in real life participate in races, and the list of these cars is quite large, ranging from rally-cross machines to futuristic formula cars.

Change the type of vehicle (you can do this when you pass training missions) by pressing a couple of buttons.

Once, and you eat on the Audi TT on the highway, two, and you fly over the plain to the Zivko Edge 540 V3, three, and you break the waves with the nose of a powerful Vector V40R.

Since switching between vehicles is free, you can get to the most hidden corners of the game world.

For example, you are denied access to the race track, you change planes, fly over the fence.

Again find yourself in the car and now you can safely ride the track.

So, the lovers of research will be where to go for a walk.

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In The Crew 2, the developers left the same system of vehicle improvements, which was in the first part.

You need to collect special cards to improve the characteristics of the car (it should be noted that you can improve all vehicles, of course from the pool of cards available for this type of transport).

You can receive cards as a reward for prizes in races, and they fall out in special boxes, which for some reason (this is inconvenient) should be selected additionally at the end of the race.

By the way, the cards are divided into several types of quality (ordinary, unusual, rare and epic).

The type of quality depends on the number of characteristics that are affected by this or that card.

However, in addition to improving the characteristics,you can configure the control options for a particular vehicle.

The number of available settings depends on the level of your popularity in the country Motonatsiya.

Also, as in the first part, you have to carry out various missions.

After completing the training, you can choose which type of mission to take part in.

You can perform only one type of mission first, you can mix, in general, everything is in your hands.

Missions have two types of complexity: normal and heavy.

In the pop-up window with notification of the type of mission and its complexity.

You can see the rating that the machine must match for the successful passage of the event.

It is worth noting that the longer the test, the better the reward.

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For example, a radar, through which you can find valuable rewards.

Another type of mission in The Crew 2 is a race with an opponent.

As well as a series of LIVE Xtrem, in which you can participate when you get a new status.

In LIVE Xtrem you race almost all types of vehicles in one race.

True, this event is for only one player and it will not work together.

One of the interesting features that the developers added in the second part is the replay mode and the publication of the video on your Youtube channel.

Of course, this function is not new in the gaming industry, however.

The editor in the replay mode offers quite a lot of functionality for creating great videos.

As for PvP modes, then (ho-ho, say hayters) they will appear only in December 2018. PvP-lobby company Ubisoft is going to polish to shine and therefore they are not included in the release version of the game.

But still, there will already be a full-fledged joint regime with global and local leader lists.

In general, Ivory Tower is going to develop its project, adding new content and positioning it as an online game.

At least in September there will be a new discipline Hovercraft (update Gator Rush).

Within one year the team will concentrate on polishing gameplay.

Consolidating content and innovations (new missions, new disciplines and so on).


During the open beta testing, The Crew 2 received an update of the graphics component.

Yes, in some places the picture can delight the lover of races.

But all these changes have badly affected the optimization of the game client.

The Crew 2 supports the rudders, however, somewhat surprisingly, there is no Logitech G920 in the list.

But there is Logitech G29 

Картинки по запросу LIVE Xtrem

Why Ubisoft ignored the wheel for the Xbox, which also leaves their game, remains a mystery.

At an open beta, the steering wheel clashed with the connected gamepad, and it was not possible to fine-tune it.

And the physical model of the behavior of the machines does not cause the desire to install the steering wheel and appear with its help on the roads of the United States.

Instead of the conclusion: While this review was being prepared.

It turned out that many players are experiencing big problems with connecting to the Crew 2 game servers.

And there were no such problems on the alpha test, on the PTA and OBR.

In fact, people who bought sets of pre-order with early access, to play during his period and could not.

It is worth waiting for some time, probably before the release of the add-on with the PvP-mode.