Forza Horizon is the denomination of one of the great current driving sagas. His third delivery is gross, has nerve and uses an excellent formula to keep us sitting for hours. With a good base of Forza Motorsport, the first Horizon already moved us to the open worlds


of Colorado. Meanwhile, the second títitle took us travel between southern France and northern Italy, and now it imbibe the wonders that await us in Australia. Letbe clear, Forza Horizon has the respect and popularity it deserves and believe


you that if atbeginning of this antolysis an image in which leyeseis will rise”Cómpralo”beíto a very successful council. However, and if anyone still í doubt and it is to thinking the catch him or not, be prepared for everything this new installment has for you.


The first impact is simply amazing. The introduction of the game presents a brief summary of various kinds of veh í asses that we drive and the land on which to run in Australia, a place where burn the asphalt, all spiced with good m u music


and commentator who anoints us in the I’ll take a little bit of what we’ll find in this installment. Finally, we went from that cinematographic style to the pure gameplay,ndonos the control of a brand-new Lamborghini Centenario while


traveling at full speed a landscape that puts the icing on this delicious cake. Once we leave that location behind us, we arrive at the place where the Horizon festival is held. We choose our nickname among all the possibilities that are offered to us and we select the avatar


of our pilot. It is already pre-established and it is not customizable, but if so, it will be somewhat irrelevant, since the pilot only sees it in certain sequences.

After é s to take a few hours the section gr AFICO continue to impact as the first time and really surprised when compared with Horizon 2. When you think that you can not improve m to s a game with another delivery, comes this bestiality and break the schemes everywhere. The stability in Xbox One is perfect, without jerks, without fallingdas of frames, with nothing that


hinders or ruin the experience, the only thing is that this version runs at 30 fps while that of PC as expected will burn the asphalt to 60 (in terms of the issue of graphic options in its version of PC we have not yet been able to access it, but we will update the information as soon as we can enjoy it). They have taken a good sander and polished it to


the maximum to get all the shine. And speaking of brightness, they look like cars. No matter which you choose, all are incre í shining bles and almost to the point of developing a fetish for them, and that crash them and see cracks or bumps on them hurts.

Event planner

The MECA Nicaraguans have changed from previous releases. In Horizon 3 we do not fight to win a festival already assembled, but now we are the boss and the thinking head of this festival that has just started in Australia.


And our mission, as such, is to attract fans to grow, expand and create new tests. For that we will have to organize races and overcome them,


fulfill sponsorship missions, challenge other rivals … and in return we will have greater freedom and control over what happens around us, such as the staff we have hired or the stations that sound on radio stations. Cars.

Forza Horizon 3 (PC) screenshot

But let’s go to the important thing, the cars. The real heart of Forza Horizon 3. In this installment have pulled the house out the window, have been stepping up and input can say that there is not inconsiderable figure of má s 350 veh í asses , which AMPL í to significantly the figure of Horizon 2 included all its DLC that added a total of 336 cars. And as pod í missing, the


personalization of the veh í asses is not short. In this section we find great news, since 30 new types of tires to auto body kits widening í to and the ability to customize our matr ícula or the sound of our horn, character í sticas entirely new in this release.


Also é n have a vinyl editor and tuneo that, together with them, could not miss the storefronts and auction house to exchange and buy cars, designs and dem to s.


The auction house will have to a scoring system for painters and artists and depending on the download and likes to show to n in the head, being as I More fá yr easy to ask to find the best (although if you like also é n pod éis to wear a very tacky


Ferrari totally plated in gold or with camouflage … ). And if all this were not enough, the window allows us to follow our favorite designers and play send us to notice when they publish something new. In addition to s, both the windows and run the auction house


to n in synchronization between versions of Xbox One and PC (Windows 10). A system that already worked in deliveries of Forza Motorsport and allows artists to aut é nticas burradas and those not given us so well, pay to get what we want.