Can Wreckfest name the new FlatOut?

Can Wreckfest name the new FlatOut?

Speaking of FlatOut, I mean the first two parts and Ultimate Carnage – the games developed by the Bugbear studio. Wreckfest for a long time, almost five years, they did the same.

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Mobile ports and continuations from other developers, we will not even discuss.

For that in general FlatOut liked?

First of all for the atmosphere: the collapsed wheelbarrows wipe the dirt and break up in some village (although a few urban trails in FlatOut 2 added) – cool!

Even sports cars from Bugbear looked like troughs and it’s great.

But what is important – all the “canonical” releases of FlatOut were also correct, good arcade races, not lagging behind their AAA competitors of that time.

The second big point in the FlatOut formula is punk frenzy.

Flying through the windshield drivers, funny mini-games (many played only for their sake), derby and pop punk with an alternative on the soundtrack – Yellowcard, Underoath, Rise Against, Papa Roach and a lot of other zero-scores.

Of all this, only Derby remains in Wreckfest.

Рецензия на Wreckfest. Обзор игры - Изображение 2


Wreckfest is a very boring game. In the career mode, most of the time you’ll have to go through stupid tournaments. Sometimes there are small single races, but more often – all the same tournaments.

Half a dozen rounds on the same track: first in the morning.

Then in the evening, then in the opposite direction, then somehow somehow.

But at once 24 cars on the track, cool.

At this tournament, you can easily kill forty sad minutes, fail him in the last race, remove the game on nerves and do not start again.

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At the same time Wreckfest tries to entertain with additional tests in every race.

Break three wheelbarrows, deploy three rivals.

Inflict a thousand units of damage and receive additional bonuses.

If you do this, then you’ll get to the finish line, God grant the tenth.

To push into Wreckfest is simply unprofitable.

Here, surely someone breaks out ahead at the beginning of the race and breaks away from everyone so that he can not catch up if he does not break.

The real struggle happens only at the first minute and it’s very, very sad.

And it is too chaotic: narrow turns and a lot of cars, everyone is trying to get through – a game of luck.


This is generally the scourge of most arcade races.

With him recently managed to cope OnRush, but for this she had to turn into Unreal Tournament with cars – you can read about this in my small review .

Рецензия на Wreckfest. Обзор игры - Изображение 3

There are also things in the career – derby, for example. Given how cool the game is, the cars are crumbling and falling apart (it’s better not implemented anywhere: neither in Burnout: Paradise, nor in OnRush), this is the main reason to run Wreckfest generally. In addition to the traditional derby, there are all kinds of game like races on lawn mowers or all the same derby, but on combine harvesters. Sounds fun? But it does not play very well. Lawn mowers are simply boring, but it’s impossible to look at the picking of monstrously slow, slow-moving harvesters without tears and anger. But realistic, in life they go and drive – I led them to drive.

But the race and the derby on school buses try to be sure – in them the spirit of FlatOut is strong.

Рецензия на Wreckfest. Обзор игры - Изображение 4

Fortunately, you can score for a career.

The meaning of its passage is only to equip details to improve machines and earn money.

To purchase spare parts and new cars on their own.

The good news – for the passage of custom races and online races, the currency is also given.

As far as these races are more interesting.

I think you understand that you can choose your favorite track, and with a frenzied AI.

Which only does what it takes to get your ass on two hundred kilometers an hour, you will not have to deal with it.

But there is a bad news – initially everything except the trails and their settings is closed even in custom races.

Kindly grind currency and wheelbarrows to try out the game from all sides.

It’s good or bad – decide for yourself, I’m talking about such a system in 2018.

However, is the loss great, considering that the machines in the game are not much different from each other?

Well, yes, if the car is big, it will be heavier and it will be easier to skid, the small cars are firm and brisk.

But here between two similar cars of approximately identical dimensions of a difference you almost will not notice. It is enough to buy a wheelbarrow of each class and not to steam.

And sometimes it’s more profitable to change the engine on a weak machine than to buy a new powerful one and then shuffle the engines as needed.

Рецензия на Wreckfest. Обзор игры - Изображение 5

But in general physics in Wreckfest is very cool.

It is finely tuned from the level of the arcade, reminiscent of just FlatOut, to the realism of the rally simulator.

And that’s funny – it’s in a realistic mode of the game is revealed best.

Because what kind of Wreckfest arcade?

Thoughtful, but tiny, similar to each other rural roads.

On which there is rarely the opportunity to normally accelerate.

And Naskarovsky circles. Identical wheelbarrows.

A good, but inappropriately picked up, not very suitable for the game metalcore on the soundtrack , consisting mainly of Finnish bands.

Not enough drive, in general.

What changes if you unscrew the complexity to the maximum?

Wreckfest turns into a real race for survival!

The cars become really difficult to control – it’s enough to fly into the hummock at a more or less high speed to fly off the track or turn over.

Even AI makes more mistakes and often flies off the track without calculating speed or accidentally provoking an accident.

All this in the race finally brings a fight!

You start to feel the difference between an uneven primer and an asphalt coating very clearly – with arcade settings there is no difference.

The game really looks like a good rally simulator and even forces you to adjust parameters like tire pressure for each individual track and car.

Wreckfest on the “expert” and “newcomer” – two different games.

But most importantly – with hardcore settings the machine can literally fall apart after several unsuccessful collisions.

Once again, you are afraid of the opponent!

And if you stop the barrel in the style of NFS about the barrage in the corner – you can finish the race immediately.

In most races, you literally crawl to the finish on the remains of the car.

And the list of participants to the finale can be halved.

This is a very strange entertainment, akin to picking in the mud in Spintires.

But it’s very easy to get stuck in it. If this is not for you, subtract two points at once.

Рецензия на Wreckfest. Обзор игры - Изображение 6

FlatOut was a folk game. A race for those who do not like racing.

But Wreckfest is a niche game.

Rather, for the most hardcore car lovers, ready to play things like the same Spintires or some Car Mechanic Simulator.

However, Wreckfest has a foundation, it’s a little thing: add more fans.

But do they want this in Bugbear?

However, if the developers do not do it, then the fans will work for them – fashion will save the world.