Overwatch new hero was a hamster in a mechanical ball!

Blizzard announced who will become the overwatch new hero in the team shooter Overwatch .

He was a cheerful and charismatic hamster in a robotic ball.

It was Hammond who was a good friend of Winston on the lunar base, however, unlike the gorilla.

The hamster did not learn to talk, although this function is perfectly handled by AI, built into its battle ball.

Landing in the vicinity of Junkettown, overwatch new hero took the name Hammond and went to the gladiatorial fights.

To become the champion of the arena he was helped by unskilled abilities.

The ram is armed with automatic assault weapons that adapt to the number of enemies in the vicinity of the shield, hook and mines.

With the help of the “cat”, the hero can cling to the surface and swing on them.

And in the form of a ball he will get a huge mobility and good damage.

Caught in the air, Hammond can crash into the ground, while not only hurting his opponents, but also throwing them into the air.

The players had different theories.

For example, Brother Lucio or Queen Junkettown. But hardly anyone expected this turn.

Nevertheless, one of the users of Reddit several days before the teaser managed to figure out who the new hero will be!

For this he compared all known facts:

  • According to the letters between the scientists, Hammond climbed into the ventilation, which means that the character must be small enough for this size;
  • Judging by the same letters, they were not too worried that he managed to escape and where he is now, because he is not dangerous;
  • In the cage Hammond were bitten cubes and carrots. Rodent?
  • In the rescue capsule of Winston was a toy ball for hamsters;
  • One of the teasers was the inscription “Destructive ball”;
  • The second teaser, a huge mechanical ball rolled in front of the screen.

However, some fans of the game refuse to believe it even after the teaser.

Hammond (the so-called new hero) is already available on the Overwatch test servers.