Burnout Paradise Remastered Review

By 2008, the burnout paradise series earned a reputation as the “most understandable” race and had already influenced the genre. However, it happened not immediately.

The first part was an ordinary arcade, in which simply showed beautiful repetitions of accidents – a fun feature, but no more. But the continuation has already been marked by a number of innovations that determine the series.


Developers have introduced a mini-game, where it is necessary to crash into the oncoming traffic, and also the accumulation system of boost, which later became the standard: the acceleration was accumulated for bold antics like drift and driving on the counter.

Only in Burnout 3: Takedown crashes made a key mechanics – the third part, by the way, some disliked Paradise fans and consider the best in the series.

In any case, it was for the sake of the opportunity to smash the machines of rivals and to organize mass catastrophes at the crossroads that everyone bought the game,

In this and the difficulty – before the  burnout paradise  fans Burnout simply did not imagine that the series can be captivated by something else.

Burnout Paradise  reveals the formula of the series on a completely different level. It carries previously closed competitions to the open world. In a city where insane tests and competitions await at every intersection and on every street.

Where there are no restrictions in the race: you can come to the finish line by any route and only fools rush along the main road to bypass the cuts.

Developers from Criterion Games took a risky step – they created an open world without a specific goal.

In Paradise City from the outset, you can explore the whole city without restrictions, perform tricks, pass the race to collect cars.

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 Do forbidden things for the real world for a dreamy song about the freedom of the Paradise City group Guns N ‘Roses, cheerful metalcore from Killswitch Engage or the melodic suite Bach Air on the G string.


Burnout paradise remastered release date,will was released on March 16, 2018 worldwide for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but no date was specified for its PC release.


By the way, yes – many times praised the soundtrack of Burnout Paradise, but it’s not a sin to do it again. Such powerful playlists in games were not from the time of two legendary NFS Underground and Most Wanted, and after Paradise was not until … well, probably, before  burnout paradise remastered pc.

The risk justified itself. Previously similar in spirit to NFS or Midnight Club immediately set the task – to take revenge or to become the best – and to you you went to it gradually.

And in Burnout you are left to yourself. And permissiveness intoxicates. I want all at once. Burnout paradise remastered price is $39.99


Shoot down that billboard on the roof of the skyscraper, pull down the fence and ride down the football stadium.

You leave on a new street, the stopwatch starts ticking – why not set a time record? As soon as you tire of riding, you go to the nearest match, in which you need to break down the machines of opponents.

And then you activate the regime “Lawlessness”: the car rolls along the road and crushes all the counter traffic under it, arranging real metalopalipsis. This is Burnout Paradise!

Occupations in the game world are full and they come across often – literally one after another, but even the already found secrets and executed competitions are useful to the very end.

So, once open cuts will be useful in new races, to show the best time or cleverly overtake the opponent.


And it is also important to know where the jumps and billboards are, because jumps and vandalism are added to the booster.

So research of the open world in Paradise is not only self-entertainment, but also preparation for competitions.

The good and the world in the game, despite its impressive size, is well remembered and stored in memory by a clear scheme of shortcuts and springboards.

Competitions in general will have to be transplanted several times, because for new victories eventually give out new rights that increase your driving class. And with new rights, the results are nullified, and complexity increases.

At the same time, new cars will appear in the garbage – local garage – and they are called to ride them on them. So it turns out that the competition is something old, and it feels completely new.

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Criterion surprisingly managed to reproduce the craving for collecting and testing cars, inherent avtosimulyatoram, in the arcade race. Usually in arcades time after time you choose the most effective car, and most of the car park you leave aside.

In Burnout Paradise, all cars are divided into three classes: the racer, the stunt man and the aggressor. Racers are fast, but fragile.

Aggressors are sluggish, but they almost crush opponents. Stuntmen are universal, but feel better in controlled drifts and jumps. Otherwise, all machines are important.

And then the key role is played by how cars are presented. These are not luxury items, not tuned crampons, not exotic sports cars and not vehicles. This is a wheelbarrow for testing.

The first time they appear in the dump in the form of broken wreckage, requiring repair. It is immediately clear that the next clunker has seen a lot, it is not necessary to treat him carefully. Because every new car is a new experiment.

I want to check how it accelerates, how its engine sounds, how well it survives the collision with the bump, how it jumps from the springboard.


The more you study cars in Burnout Paradise – and here they are 139 – the more clearly you see their unique features.

Starting with the fact that for each auto developers simulated the unique sound of the engine, ending with the behavior in the corners.

On bends, the weight of the machines is especially good. Rear-wheel drive sports cars instantly go into a skid, the maslkars heel sideways, and SUVs are so heavy that they carry them to the side.

And in such a meticulous way the game reflects all the famous classes up to minivans, supercars and buggies.

Of course, breaking cars is still one of the main entertainments in the game. The accidents in Burnout are colorful and unpredictable, and the car shells are crushed so realistically that no other arcade race to such a close and did not get close.

Damage is calculated in real time and strongly depends on the conditions. In a direct collision with a truck, the entire front of the car will form an accordion.

If you lightly touch the oncoming car, only one side will crumble. If you imprint the enemy in the curb, he can jump on it and roll sideways, losing with each impact wheels, doors and small parts.

Only mass accidents are frustrating. They turned into a very simple mini-game, in which you need to tumbling the car on the road and grabbing traffic.

But in the same Takedown or Revenge was enthralled by the task – to fly to the intersection so precisely, to cause as large a congestion.

In short, a catastrophe on the road in the past parts – a whole art, and in Paradise – just fun to take a break from racing (this is not for everyone will be a minus).