Force Horizon 3 Hot Wheels

Machine scale 1: 1
Microsoft wanted to meet the dreams of most of the game players and has recently launched the Hot Wheels expansion for Forza Horizon 3 . After Blizzard Mountain, the Playground Games racing game completes, closing down the circle of DLCs belonging to the Season Pass.
In this case, however, there is not much to travel because, from the coast of Australia, it will approach a small atoll, forming small islands, with a reduced footprint. So, what better way to build an intricate vinyl track system, just like you did and do with the Hot Wheels?
From here, the inevitable Warren and Kiera will begin building this mastodontic agglomeration of orange flying, which will intersect in the skies of blue Australia. As with the basic product, here too every moment is great to stop and take a screenshot, which could safely remain a deskstop background.
The slopes of this bright orange glitter at the direct sunlight, and overflow white beaches, crystal clear sea and small forests. An environment of immense charm, perhaps somewhat derivative if you consider the elements in themselves, but unique when you are in such a colorful, sunny and vivid world. Featuring all the machines that have already made their appearance in the base game, in Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheelsnine new cars arrive, including four straight from the fantasy of Mattel’s designers (actually one is a heavily modified Mustang).
Classy machines are constantly better, as the play structure in this DLC changes from the basic game. If during the Horizon Festival we had to run long and wide to accumulate fans, to open a new festival and so on with the utmost freedom of choice on a used car and race type, on the vinyl tracks instead we will have to collect medals to unlock the top class races, so we’ll have to leave the bases and then get up. A change no sooner, if we think Horizon 3 has focused everything on the player’s freedom of choice and instead, he spells the player in a very precise way.
 In addition, each race assigns up to three medals: the first attributed if the race is completed, the second one is won and the third if a certain target is also reached from time to time. This means that winning becomes suddenly fundamental, as it will preclude two of the three medals available for each event.
In the base game the player was stimulated to rise with difficulty as victory did not give such a big advantage to a more modest placement. Here you will have the temptation to lower it because you might be striving to reach the goal for the third medal and a minimum error will get you seconds, losing two medals and having to re-make the event.
Force Horizon 3 Hot Wheels
Drivatar docent
The Drivatars have been schooling, so that it is almost absurd that they have not become a basic feature for every racing game, but in the context of Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels they are not always the best. More in detail, you might find that one of the Drivatars in a given race is obviously more in the shape of the others and leaving the group back; this would not be a problem in the base game, but among the Hot Wheels you will receive only one of the three medals without you having much to do.
On the contrary, especially in some tracks, it seems that the stoic care of Playground Games has fallen and that the braking points for artificial intelligence could be better studied: in several cases you will happen to sverniciare some opponents that slow down in a ‘ intersection that, for the structure of the track, allows quietly to keep the gas open; or in even worse cases you might find a car dashboard at the edges of a curve.