Series Forza Horizon, in fact, for a long time had to catch the eye of Roskomnadzor: distribution of porn we prohibited. A FH – this is porn. Car porn. Car Porn with a capital letter “Pe”. Avtokamasutra – if you are an esthete. The philosophy of the game, “Love Machine”. From all angles. We have cars to suit all tastes. Expensive cars, cheap cars, modern cars and old cars! Wheelbarrows for street racing, rally, and even small vortkie buggy! Sparkling cars, grya-I-I-yaznye wheelbarrow! Wheelbarrows of all colors! Large cars, small cars! Beautiful cars and predatory – and bellied freaks hot (uh-uh) engine! Come on! Cars, cars, cars!

Forza Horizon takes the money for something that licks the heels of the player. All in vain, dear! Here’s a free machine. Here’s the prize with free machines. Here you – just like that! – money to buy new cars. Look on the map rare car. They are yours. And here on this Ride. Like? Ha ha, we know that much. This is a gift. And look for more special machines – a crackdown on them up to 300 km / h, podriftuy – they sharpened it. I collect them. Pictures of them – against the background of sunset, sunrise, forest, sea, exhibition stand, everywhere. The main requirement (we insist!): Under no circumstances, no way, never hand on thine speedometer should not fall below 100 km / h.

Review of Forza Horizon 3
Alternative application FH3 – generator of beautiful pictures.

Just two hours in the game – and you already feel like a kid who got into a confectioner’s shop during the “! Eat all you like,” and dying from perezhora with a happy smile on his lips.

I am boss here, not you

Forza Horizon 3 – a game about love for cars. Not about innovation in the gameplay, not on experiments, not on the search for new means of expression. This is a regular issue of meatballs stewed friends and their existing audience. While critics of unsuccessfully looking for “Citizen Kane of video games”, then make “Transformers 3 video games” and “caster of arcade racing.” Here you have all the same as in the previous edition, but prettier, richer, more, more, more.

Open World is still open, but is wider and clearer division into organized areas. In the second part of road racing and rally races can take place virtually on a single piece of card – now the bands are significantly different and are introduced to the game in turn.

The player is invited personally determine how he plans to spend the next three hours: dissecting the SUV through the rainforest, fitting into an endless series of tight corners in the city or trying to see the road in the dust of the desert rally.

The player is now officially the boss Horizon Festival. Title purely nominal – in fact, playing and so was and is God, surrounded by specially trained slaves rotating universe – but it allows you to enter some additional features and mechanics. For example, a new site for the races must now discover personally. At the same time – creating a registered competition on routes.

Choose from a number of parameters (type of vehicles, weather conditions, time of day), we come up with a name. Competitions, incidentally, are distributed over the network on the same principle as the “drayvatary” players: I created – someone on the other end of the earth appeared in the list of my race.

Review of Forza Horizon 3
whether Australia could do without the references to the “Mad Max”? Fully proapgreyzhenny “Interceptor” – one of the most horrible monsters in the game, his legendary status justifies completely).

On the one hand, the idea is good. Horizon previously sought to grow to infinity – to pass it was theoretically possible, but in fact, during this time the game could sicken ad nauseam. Now she has gone to infinity completely new events are added constantly. On the other hand, it is the “infinity” of the same order as that of a billion planets in the No Man’s Sky.