Anthem game

Anthem game news and details

Anthem game  that Game Informer will be telling about during June. The journalists spent about an hour in the demo version and are ready to share the details.

First, you just need to specify that Anthem game can not be played without connecting to the Network.

In the company to the player it will be impossible to add characters controlled by AI.

No romantic lines! And PvP, too, no, will have to do with a cooperative.

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The world of Anthem was created by the gods (Shapers), who used huge, high-tech devices to control the power called “Anthem of Creation”.

However, the gods left, leaving their “toys”, which are hunted as particularly cunning people, and the aliens, called Scars (Scars).

In Anthem there will be no “social space”, as in Destiny. Getting into the city, players are left alone with the story and AI. Here, relations with the NPC are built.

anthem game

Each type of combat suit will have only weapons available to him. Simultaneously, only two will be allowed to fight. There are only two armor pieces on javeline.

All skills are built according to one idea – they need to be combined. It is most convenient to do this in a cooperative, but one player will also be able to demonstrate something.

The whole story will be allowed to pass alone, but with side activities, most likely, you will need help.

The world is completely open, no screenshots of downloads. Apparently, BioWare will abandon the classic raids, giving players just complicated missions.

Developers want to see non-drug players also see all the content that Anthem game offers.

Moreover, BioWare in terms of the cooperative is going to make a system that “equates” the damage and other quantitative things of all the players in the group, even if there is a huge difference between them.

Go with someone to pass the final after the start – no problem, but you will have to confirm that not against the spoilers of the plot.

There is even a system of alliances, but the details are not yet disclosed.

About one while BioWare says indistinctly – it’s endgame content.