A new world
The first minute is enough to wipe out any doubts about facial animations, while the livelyness and the enormity of admirable details in the bazaar where our protagonist moves the first steps let us imagine a world full of elements and thought in the slightest detail that he wants to be lived as well as explored.
Once inside the hexagon called Javelin, we immediately learn that a rockets system allows us to enjoy the entire map (seemingly immense) in all its verticality and width, thanks to the flight or the enhanced race. Next to us, our companion, on the Javelin Colossus, tells us how every exoskeleton has his fighting style , in this case a “heavy soldier” with a massive resistance and superior destructive power.
The first clash in focus highlights a spectacularly spectacular third-person target system: the explosion of enemies at our blows, the splashes of blown water blows, or the shock wave produced by the earth’s crash Colossus are just some of the details that Anthem makes us admire in these few minutes. Flying between the vegetation we observe a world not only vast and eager to be explored, but also alive, with its ongoing events irrespective of whether we are involved or not.
When the graphical interface is in motion, the entire screen is devoted to making us feel immersed in gaming experience , only interrupted by some informational messages about finding a new area or getting some points.
In combat, however, only the middle lower part is taken to remind us of the abilities available, apparently fit to fit according to Javelin Suit: the Ranger in our possession, the most balanced according to Jon Warner, has, inter alia, a burst of pointing missiles (much like that seen in the first Marvel movie of Iron Man) that like the rest has a spectacular yield as well as lethal.
The finale reveals two other Javelin Suits that we do not know about more details, but we can only expect to be able to choose which one to control and personalize, awaiting other occasions to find out more about the gaming system in a broader sense.
Technically stunning
Effects of light and shadows, vast and detailed horizons, vegetation, wildlife around us, environmental dynamism, character design, bullets that are underwater, flaming whales, rifle recoil, the storm of the final scene, everything Anthem leaves open from the first to the last second of the gameplay and the idea of ​​being able to enjoy it in native 4K on the Xbox One X is perhaps the most important battle horse of the new Microsoft console without nothing to take away from PS4 Pro.
Not just graphics though, because even sound effects seemed to be perfectly positioned to create an engaging frame and convey epicity of clashes.
Obviously everything will depend on how much the final product will maintain this level of quality , exceedingly incredibly demanding compared to current standards. Also understand if the game will enjoy multiplayer co-op or competitive features and how much will affect RPG or combat action and character development system.
The premise is all and the game has enormous potential, probably one of the first of that stage of this generation of consoles that begins to pull the most out of the hardware, both graphically and in depth gaming. What we have seen is still short, but the hype that has managed to generate shows how much a title to keep an eye on.