Destiny 2

Even with the controversy that brought the original, there were plenty of reasons to think that the sequel would be a launch that would be worthwhile in compatible. In 3DJuegos we have already been able to get lost in their impossible worlds without technical limitations, and the truth is that we have been very pleasantly surprised by this reunion with Bungie’s ‘shooter’.


 It is ironic because it is the same studio that was in charge of popularizing the genre in consoles with Halo: Combat Evolved (2001), but Destiny 2 fits in PCas the Cinderella glass slipper, although unfortunately at its launch presents a range of errors and rough edges pending filing and we can not ignore.


We are not going to advance in this post anything that we are going to shed at the playable, narrative or visual level of the new work of Bungie during the review, however we can confirm that the best auguries in terms of progression of the series is They have seen compliments.


The studio has learned the lesson of launching a first part in 2014 that, in its original format, was a very estimable title but also very far from the expectations that surrounded it. It took many months and a handful of expansions to eliminate the superfluous, focus on the im


portant parts and change a series of elements of the progression that ended up significantly improving the formula. The best news of Destiny 2? This time it will not be necessary to wait so long.


NOTE: If you want to see exclusively what is the news of the PC version of Destiny 2, we recommend you go directly to the section: A New Horizon

Guardians of Light

Confused. If anything could be said of Destiny’s first installment, it was an unnecessarily convoluted videogame. In a campaign you have to agree on what you want to tell and how to do it, and the original episode did not show a correlation between both parties. The second installment, without having a particularly brilliant script, is more effective in this sense.

 Everything begins with the offensive of the Red Legion on the Tower, destroying the order as we knew it until then. It is the plot pretext that Bungie has devised to turn the premises of the previous game upside down and present an adequate context for the continuation without losing bases, known characters and the universe … Nor the player’s own hero or heroine.


Destiny 2 analyzes

The great headline in terms of new contents are the unpublished worlds, its design is masterful.

The positive is not derived from that change that does not affect the foundations but, rather, the study’s commitment to focus on telling a story with which they feel more comfortable. We already know the mythology, we know how

the different factions work, the mechanics are presented and, finally, they can focus on developing an argument. They do it in two bands: on the one hand, we have the cinematics in which the heroes tell us their plans to counter the threat of the Cabal and, on the other, we have many videos in which the villains tell us about their motivations and we kno

w how things go from their point of view. Otherwise the video game uses the same mechanisms as the first part for the in-game parts: a lot of intercom to listen to Zabala, Hawthorne or the rest, and many monologues of the Spectrum that returns to accompany us. It is not that the dialogues or the plot development are a prodigy of wit in the style of Aaron Sorkin, but remembering how low the ribbon was before it is quite a progress to hear lines of conversation that do not produce blushing.


Destiny 2 PC

Have hours and hours without interruption carrying out all kinds of activities on the same planet

What is really important is how study works so that we do not feel even more gripped by repetition. The scheme of main missions is quite similar to that of the first part (something shorter, maybe?), But this time they are accompanied by a series of secondary ones that offer a different formula to the situations we could see in the past. They respond

to the name of Adventures, and are one of the great successes of the program. They are tools for not getting tired so quickly of the main mechanics, and they are masking with their careful integration with the argument and with their long successions of chained goals the fact of being, more or less, reiterative commissions of action. They do not have the same level of work as a campaign mission, that’s for sure, but they do raise the bar a bit of what we usually see in sm
aller missions of the game, with more depth in terms of mechanics, history or simple curiosities. For example, in Titan we can forgive the life of a certain fallen captain (one of the enemy species of the game), who ends up returning the favor by letting us complete the mission without resisting. But are these details and resources enough to combat those feelings of repetition we are talking about?


Destiny 2 PC

Destiny 2

The progression continues being a capital element at the time of keeping us glued to the screen.

This incognito, of course, admits nuances. I always read funny phrases such as “I’ve spent 300 hours and at the end it has become repetitive, what a game crap! Nothing, absolutely nothing, what you spend several hundred hours will stop being repetitive. if it’s you

r favorite Netflix series, if it’s a music album or if it’s your partner talking about how your day has gone at work, so, as I say, Destiny 2 (as it happened with its first part) includes a strong factor of repetition of situations, but it is not as much the fault of the game as of the genre to which it belongs.