Rogue Trooper Redux

War on Nu-Earth
Rogue Trooperis set on Nu-Earth, a planet now inhospitable because of the long war between Norts and Southers, which contend for control of the territory. The long conflict saw the use of any kind of chemical and bacteriological weapon, to the point where the atmosphere of the planet is toxic. For this, Nu-Earth residents can not get out of town unless they use special suits that allow them to survive outside.
The Southers have, over time, devised a strategy for gaining an advantage in the war: through genetic engineering they have developed a new type of soldier named GI (Genetic Infantry), immune to the poisons that now infest Nu-Earth. Rogue, our protagonist, is part of this army, and it is in his shoes that we will have to fight,
Without going further in the story, we can say that story stories have rather classic themes for American super-heroic comics, and that the narrative sector certainly does not shine either for the writing of the plot or for the development of the characters. Nonetheless, this is a story that, with its limitations, can only be of little interest to push the player to see the end of the story.
With regard to the technical department, it is a great applause for the TickTock Gamesguys : considering the starting material, the finishing touches on this remastered are really great and the game hides its eleven years as well as its origin from the era PS2.
The adventure runs smoothly, though some of the bugs are still visible: some sporadic glitch makes its appearance here and there and the animosities betray the soul of a game of two generations (consoles). Of course, this is not a game that can compete visually with contemporary productions, but considering the situation you could not really ask for better. The audio compartment is made up of rather anonymous tracks, which are well suited to the gameplay but which will hardly be remembered once the console is turned off. The game is also entirely dubbed in Italian with results that, unfortunately, are not always the best.
A lone wolf
Rogue Trooperis a third-person shooter of classic mold in which we have to get us wide through a rain of bullets. Rogue will have two fire guns, a gun and a multi-use rifle that we can customize during the adventure through power ups and various types of ammunition.
Though in some sections it will be convenient to move around in order to eliminate our opponents, most of the game will invite us to dive into the middle of the battlefield, eliminating hordes of hordes of hordes of enemies with our bullets. To do this we can use a shell system that, although still quite spartan, works despite the years since the original release. By hiding behind them, in fact, we can fire blindly, to strike the enemies by keeping us safe; or we will be able to speculate for a better purpose, but to give us the enemy fire.
Rogue is able to regenerate his health but can recover only partially the injuries suffered: for a full recovery, we will have to resort to the medikit. How can you guess, then, the gameplay ofRogue Trooper has no peculiarities to the standards of its kind. This could only be a relative weight in 2006 when console shooters were still not so numerous, but eleven years later Rogue Trooper ended up having little to say in the contemporary video-shooting scene. What’s missing is that flick of originality and personality that makes Rogue Trooper a title quite different from the “usual” shooter because it’s worth playing it