The authors of the remaster Command & Conquer had to re-sound EVA – Gambling

Studio developers Petroglyph toldthat for remaster Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn they had to re-sound the artificial intelligence EVA, which acts as the so-called announcement.

According to the authors, the original recordings were lost, and in the game files you can clearly hear extraneous noise and hum. As a result, Kiya Huntzinger, who was working on the original actress, whose voice after 24 years remained almost unchanged, was involved in the work.

However, the developers note that nostalgic players will be able to switch to old voice files in the remaster settings. You can compare both audio tracks in the video below.

Finally, the authors recalled that the announcement in Command & Conquer: Red Alert, which will also receive a remaster, was voiced by Martin Alper (at that time – chapter Virgin interactive entertainment) Unfortunately, Alper died a few years ago, so the developers will try to clear the original sound track as best as possible.