gray dawn

Gray Dawn Review

Gray Dawn start in 1920, a huge house in the church somewhere in the English River.

Father Abraham, apparently, is not the first time he listens to the radio about the radio charges against him – say that the boy’s father David died because of the priest’s fault.

Allegedly Abraham tried to conduct an exorcism rite to expel a child from the child.

But everything went wrong, and the boy suddenly died.

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In five minutes, the devil begins to happen: it seems the voice of the announcer says Satan himself.

All over the blood and some weird rabbits.

Abraham threw himself on the cross hanging on the wall to pray and leave him.

Meanwhile, behind the wall, in a large room, on the first floor lay terrible tentacles.

Raindrops and a terrible statue calls the hero “the blood and flesh of Christ.”

In “Opinion” about the demo version of Gray Dawn, I wrote that the authors of this game desperately try to flirt with metaphors.

But none of them explains individually anything even to those who at least understand religion.

The full version of Gray Dawn has shown that these metaphors can not create an integral picture.

A steel statue of a frog that requires “the blood and flesh of Christ”, that is, wine and consecrated bread, only a steel statue.

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From this symbolism, the whole game is entirely.

Frog’s rain and the locusts invasion, which the protagonist notices later.

gray dawn

Is an obvious sign of Egyptian executions.

The beheaded statue of Christ and the library of books “The Fall of God” are clear tricks of the devil.

And in the name of the characters – Ruth, David (David).

Abraham and so on – there is no enigma, they are all familiar to those who read the Bible.    

 The problem is that almost all of these references have no significance in Gray Dawn itself and do not let you know what the developers are going to say with their help.

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In addition, Interactive Stone has very strange ideas about religion in general.

It is clear that the huge house where the main character is and where all the main events of the game are played has not much to do with the real world.

At the same time, Abraham does not pay attention to this.

gray dawn

His diabolical voices are quite appropriate.

The priest, however, shames the other: from time to time.

He seems to lose consciousness and is transferred to another world – and less real.

At first Gray Dawn says almost openly that this courageous world is Romania.

Where David lived before meeting with Abraham (their encounter is a separate turn).

The environment confirms this: Catholic churches are replaced by Orthodox churches, characters appear in Slavic motifs, appear on all icons, which can be seen, for example, in Russian churches.

In addition, the priest several times becomes a witness at the funeral, according to the Orthodox tradition – with the funeral service and the placement of the coffin in the house.

Carefully spoilers!

Finally, it turns out that Abraham, along with his beloved Alexandra, adopted David, who lived in a shelter somewhere in Romania.

One day the boy died, but not during the exorcism ritual – he was shot with a car.

Alexandra committed suicide, and the priest tried to save the boy’s body by placing him in an ice-bath.

When he finally realized what he had done, he hung on one of the trees.

Most likely, both the world – both England and Romania – are created by the priest’s consciousness in the last moments of his life, based on memories.

Throughout the game, Abraham wants to find David – according to the hero, the boy just ran away from home.

So the desire to bring the child back to life is manifest.

At the same time, the holy father blames for David’s death.

And this guilt creates those voices and very diabolical visions in the mind of the hero.

Fantastic Romania, where multiple religions and mythologies were once interwoven – for Abraham.

Something like paradise, where he tries to find among the various denominations a “path” suitable for repentance.

Hence all mishmash of Egyptian executions, Catholicism, statues of Anubis and Horus, Icarus wings, Orthodoxy and so on.

However, this is just an attempt to explain this mixture.

End of spoilers

Yes, it is correct: history is perhaps the only reason to play in Gray Dawn.

Another reason is how the game looks. And looks great.

And it’s not about technology but about artists’ work.

Or the artist – after all, there are three people in the Interactive Stone studio, and most likely they all do something.

This is the one who invented and painted the delightful landscape – a great colleague.

In Gray Dawn there are no cramps and disgusting scenes – if this story can scare you.

It’s just because of the way you perceive religion and refers to religious traditions.

Wait and his exciting play is not necessary, as well as understandable explanations.

It is the Orthodox theme that can attract – about it in games, because it really does not speak.