Fire Emblem

Our test developed in a small area that provided us with the ability to change party members at any time thanks to the d-pad, so we can also diversify our action areas. The peculiarity that has just been shown to us is linked to the ability to make combinations to be done in pairs, so we can approach one of our party companions and unlock the strength of the union once the bar is unlocked. The action that comes out of it is devastating so that we can easily overcome the adversaries, but the speed with which the bar can fill it has given us an unjustified OP flavor, in a title that itself is simplified by the dictates of the genus itself. Fire Emblem Warriors, on the other hand, it does not go too far to propose special or innovative mechanics, even the dodge seems to be an exclusively aesthetic appeal, given the incredible and fussy power of our warrior.

The number of opponents on screen is immense, vast, but equally vast is the ease with which enemy armies are thrown away, forcing us, in the long run, to a mashing button too much phone. In March, Chrom, Corrin and the new character named Lianna, we noticed the diversity that we had already pointed out in the combat system of each of them, but also appreciated the availability of an opponent’s targeting system: in the cautious phases of battle system, in fact, in addition to defeating the enemy troops we will also be given the opportunity to sling ourselves against the troop commander in order to strike him with strokes.

We would undoubtedly appreciate in this session a greater strategy in combat, but the dynamics are always the same in one against one, keeping the same actions we will be doing as if we were against a vast army.

The substantial difference is that the commander in turn will have a much harder energy bar than his subordinates and will work a bit more in combat than usual.

Along with them we also point out the presence of some sub-quests that will be activated during the fighting and will be signaled on screen by interrupting the battle: we have been asked a couple of times among other things, to interrupt the escape of some of the predators from the game map, while at other times we were asked to go straight to the commander in turn.

We have not always been able to meet the demands on screen, not to dampen the momentary frenzy and because we did not find an immediate bonus in bringing them to an end. However, we look forward to testing it most in the review over a few weeks.

Detail mousou
From the technical point of view, the title manages 60fps without a problem, a very important signal with regard to the mousou genre, which has to move to different polygons and textures: Nintendo is pursuing its policy of the highest possible quality for the video games, a choice that is undoubtedly rewarding, thus bringing all Switch productions to a very high level.

The animations can always be of the highest level, assuring us of this vital dynamism for a fight that is always very courteous and that raises huge soldiers draws: from this point of view, Fire Emblem Warriors is strongly promoted. We could not see if there was anything to point out from the point of view of sound and dubbing, the caciarona atmosphere of the Los Angeles showfloor prevented us from listening attentively and, above all, isolated from the rest of the world.

The texts on screen, in any case, were all in English and we doubt that the title may be located in Italian, especially in front of the niche to which it is addressed.