Minecraft aquatic update and list of changes

That’s all! The long-awaited release 1.13 Minecraft aquatic update came out! We have overcome a long way in anticipation of minecraft aquatic update, but there are still a lot of new updates ahead.

minecraft aquatic update

Since the release of 1.12 it has been a little more than a year.

There were 10 pre-releases and a lot, a lot of snapshots minecraft aquatic update 1.13. Marine update brings many innovations and changes to the game. A whole new underwater world for exploration.

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Turtles, dolphins, fish and other creatures. New powerful weapons and new adventures!

Minecraft Aquatic Update and  list changes:

  • All mobs that are undead are now drowned.
  • Changed the visibility under the water. Visibility will improve as it is under water.
  • The generation of the world has been redesigned.
  •  Redesigned command parser.
  • Added a new world type “Assorted” with which you can create a world with one single biome. In subsequent updates, more features will be added to this type of world.
  •  Many new sounds have been added.
  • Added three new ringtones.
  •  Underwater atmospheric sounds added.
  •  Added animation of swimming.
  •  Added Data-packs with which you can edit recipes, tags, loot tables, functions and achievements.
  •  Added new achievements.
  •  Some blocks can now be filled with water.
  •  Added the “Optimize the World” button with which you can update the old world for compatibility with the new version.
  • Added blue ice. You can meet near the icebergs.
  •  Coral blocks added.
  • Fan corals are added.
  •  Corals added.
  •  Added a naval guide. You can create with the help of 1 heart of the sea and 8 shells of the Nautilus.
  • It will ease your life under water.
  •  Added a block of dried kelp. You can create with 9 dried kelp.
  •  Laminaria and sea grass are added.
  •  Regular pumpkins no longer have a carved face.
  •  Added carved pumpkins. You can create by using scissors on a regular pumpkin.
  • Added sea cucumbers.
  •  Added bubble columns. Appear from the blocks of magma and sand of souls in the water.
  •  Added blocks of wood. You can create from four blocks of logs.
  •  Added chopped wood. It is created by using an ax on a block of logs.
  •  Added prismarine stairs and plates. • Added turtle eggs.
  • Added tropical fish.
  • Added turtles. Peace mob, laying eggs on the beaches.
  •  Added dolphins. Neutral mob. He will point the way to the treasures if he feeds him with fish. When the attack begins to beat in response.
  •  Added a drowned man. Hostile mob. You can meet in the oceans and rivers.
  • Can appear with a trident in his hands. Zombies turn into a drowned person when they are under water for a long time. •
  • Added phantoms. Appear if the player does not sleep for a long time. At murder it is possible to receive a membrane of a phantom.
  •  Added fish-mobs: cod, salmon and pufferfish.
  •  Changed the model of the horse.
  •  Heberobrine removed
  •  Added tridents. The newest weapon in the game. Drops out of drowned people. Can be used in close combat as well as in the distant.
  •  Enchantments for the trident have been added.
  •  Added the ability to fish with a bucket.
  •  Added “markers” for the map. You can create by clicking on the flag, holding a card in your hand.
  •  Added the heart of the sea. You can find it in a treasure chest.
  •  Nautilus shell is added. Drops out of drowned people, can also be obtained with the help of fishing.
  •  Phantom membrane added. Drops out of phantoms. Used to repair the elites and to cook slow-drop potions.
  • Added turtle shell shields. Discarded by turtles when growing up.
  •  Added a snake power potion. Gives you the effects of slowness and resistance, things are almost immortal.
  •  Added a slow falling potion.
  •  Added dried laminaria.
  •  Added egg summoning for all new mobs.

  •  Many ocean biomes have been added.
  •  Coral reefs added.
  •  Underwater caves have been added.
  •  Added underwater gorges.

  •  Added wrecks.
  •  Underwater ruins have been added.
  • Added biome icebergs.

In addition to the official list of changes, a lot of small innovations were added in 1.13.

For example, a new main menu, a new font of the Cyrillic alphabet, the ability to travel on skeletal horses along the ocean floor, new graphic options, a recipe book for the oven, etc. 

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Also, the update fixes an incredible amount of various bugs, including an annoying bug with invisible blocks that appeared during the rapid excavation of blocks.