We are in a universe divided into regions, to the exact four or a fifth disused, the daughter of a covenant of broken races, all with an appendix of definite and defined terms and boundaries, each populated by a specific caste that thanks to the pen and the outdoors of Avellone contains a scary amount of lore: humans, elves, dwarves and orcs divide the predominance of the regions, making sure a world slice of head without necessarily annoying the other territory.

We are dressed as a champion, the strongest warrior to send on mission and once we choose our race we will spawn in the dedicated region; here we are explained our goal, the only reason why we were called to court by our king, that is, to reach the center of the playable universe and defeat Alaloth, a dark god who is preparing for personal happiness to iron and fire all kingdoms.

In order to reach the established place, however, it will be necessary not only to pursue a development of our sample, as logic suggests, but also reach the four regions and get a special loot at the end of each of the dungeons proposed. These will be generated procedurally: we only saw one, small in size but which in itself seemed big enough to be on the average of the average rather than the small. The fact is that, as we have been told,

Alaloth, we previewed the Isometric Dark Souls made in Italy

Under the aegis of the house
Each region has its own capital, the place where we will spawn at the start of the game, plus five smaller locations. At the beginning of a dungeon we will find a safe area that is characterized by the presence of a fireplace: here, before we can enter the action, we will have to decide what to equip, how to organize, how many objects and what to bring with us.

During combat, you will not be able to change anything and this will be the only time we can relax and think about how to deal with the dungeon: a very precise way of fixing the difficulty with high parameters, explaining that preparation is all and once you leave you will not be able to review your priorities.

Another detail that we are getting is tied to the level cap: it’s easy to reach, because the centerpiece of the level up of our character is not given by the level to be achieved, but from the abilities to be unlocked in an adjoining way to the various jobs chosen. There are currently nine, but in the future they may increase as needed: in any case we have been shown the combat system so that we can have a reference on the field.

We did not have the ability to link the unlocked skills to certain actions sword to hand, but we realized how Alaloth is going to make a mix between Diablo , his vision and approach to the opponents, and Dark Souls , even though Shadow of Warfor choreography of gestures. And indeed when the fatality is over, when it comes to spreading our opponent, we notice a bit of spectacularity, which should be appreciated even in the fact that the movement is all made in motion capture.

Next to us we will have possible companions, which are recrutable depending on what was the alignment we chose: there will be no variation depending on our actions during the game, but a weighted choice we make at the beginning . We may be neutral, good or evil, and according to this moral inclination we may have companions in our adventure: four for each type, which inevitably have come to the last region, will have to be sacrificed. Only a champion will, however, be able to enter the kingdom of Alaloth.