Indivisible, tried the new game from the creators of Skullgirls

One for all
Funded on December 5, 2015, Indivisible is an RPG action developed by the creators of Skullgirl.
This is a special combination of genres and inspirations: the base is that of a 2D sliding action game with elements from Metroidvania so that some roads might seem precluded at first, but with the acquisition of new weapons and power ups you can explore new map areas: you can jump to the wall, climb up vertical walls by stroking the ax as a spider, activating arc-switches and so on.
While wandering in these settings from the great appeal to the cultures of Southeast Asia, we may occasionally meet enemies and then enter the battle phase.
Before entering the description of the combat system, it is fair to explain the background of the protagonist, Ajna: raised by his father under the close education of martial arts, when the gods of war attack his village, he discovers that he has unexpected power, that of to accept incarnations within themselves to be exploited in battle. So he will leave for a journey that will take him around the world to discover new places, new enemies, and new incarnations. Once you have collected at least four incarnations you can fill your party, and each element will be assigned to one of the classic frontal buttons of the controller.
Depending on how the formation is made, we will have the four characters on the battlefield crossing and pressing the key corresponding to their positioning will be able to command the attack. Each character has a bar that reloads over time and, depending on the level reached, can accomplish more than one attack, depending on how many times the key has been pressed.
A system that partially resumes the Valkyrie Profile gameplay ideas, with a combo between the various characters that you need to be able to orchestrate so that one of your own is always ready to attack and not leave an open loop for counterattack enemy.
 In addition to the direct attack, it is also possible to make alternative attacks by holding down the analogue lever up or down so that you can also insert magic, besides simply putting your hands on it. In addition, it is also possible to perform loaded attacks that will affect the next turn: for example one of the incarnations, which had the task of healing the party, in case he used all the actions available for the attack, in the next turn he will be able to give your companions a greater amount of care.
Indivisible, tried the new game from the creators of Skullgirls
All for one
A system that when you are one against one or one against two seems limiting, but when you reach the four against four becomes extremely hectic it is difficult to master. To reduce the damage inflicted by enemies, you can go to the defense position by holding down the character key; a strategy element that complicates even more the situation.
You will then have to keep in mind the characteristics of the four members of the group, their basic and special attack types, as well as having to keep an eye on the attacks of the enemies and the charging speed of the waiting bar. Combinations of factors that may appear to be relatively manageable on the paper, but that once in the field need a lot of concentration to be harmonized and so dance their keys on the keys almost unconsciously.
The total incarnations will be more than twenty and can be interchangeable at any time outside the combat just by entering the pause menu. However, you will have to wait for the complete product to understand how much the balancing work has been done, but above all how much the exploration has to offer.