Fire Emblem Warriors

Crossover texture

As mentioned earlier in the preview, development teams have had very little margin of maneuver at the narrative level, because the very nature of the product, designed to combine a large number of warriors from the narrative universe set up by Intelligent Systems, not he knows who puddles are.
The only card to play could be that of space / time discontinuity, with portals that unite different worlds, annulling centuries as a couple of seconds and, in fact, these are the premises from which the events of Fire Emblem Warriors leave.
The reign of Aytolis, headed by Queen Yelena, puts all his hopes on the couple of twin princes, Rowan and Lianna, so similar in some ways and so different for others: one day as another, while the two train in courtyard of the palace in the company of Prince Darius, a childhood friend coming from one of the neighboring realms, the sky darkens, beginning to vomit bloodthirsty beasts.
In a few moments the monsters escaping from the portals are able to overwhelm the bland resistance of the guards, conquering the castle and forcing the reigns to a rush to escape underground, which will be unfortunately fatal to the queen, blocked by the collapse of one of the walls of the secret passage : Rowan and Lianna are saved, but the price paid is the highest.
Before the separation, the reignant gives the children a magical shield, and it is recommended that they use it for granted, a few moments before the two, between the tears, see it disappear between rocks and monsters.
Once out of the castle, the two and Prince Darius come across a mysterious masked swordsman, who looks like Marth and saves Rowan from safe death, and then disappears into nothingness: from then on, the plot will accumulate a series of events without much sense, useful to justify, as far as possible, the ever-appearing heroes of the Fire Emblem series , carriers of precious gems to save the realm of Aytolis.
Rather than focusing on inconsistent weave, we do it rather on the roster, which, from old franchise fans, left us with a bit of bitterness in the mouth: choosing to include characters mostly from recent episodes ( Awakening and above all Fates ) on the one hand, it makes sense to broaden the franchise’s audience, on the other it deprives fans of the first hour of unforgettable heroes of the past.
The quantity, between secret and unlockable characters under certain conditions (which obviously look good at the spoiler), is more than satisfactory, in short, but we would have made more choices in more than one circumstance.
Fire Emblem Warriors Review

Botte, but with judgment

If the story behind the product turns out to be weak, it is from the point of view of the pure gameplay that Fire Emblem Warriors amazes, deepening as much as the rhyming formula of the musou, which otherwise would have known too much of the already seen.
As a base structure featuring all the classic Musou features, such as hundreds of enemies serving as slaughter, boss bosses and special moves worthy of the best episode of Ken Shiro, the development team has grafted into the formula many elements taken weight from the mother series, equating the preparation of the battles and the ability to handle many real-time choices to that of putting their hands on the bench.
The central element is the ability to give orders to members of their party, whose number varies depending on the missions (generally we are between the three and the four units): the battle comrades can be directed to attack a specific target, to take a stronghold or to defend a garrison, making team play crucial.
Artificial intelligence that regulates non-active members of the party has proved punctual and efficient, and the fact that team members alert the player when they have completed one of their assigned assignments can immediately redirect them to another goal, so that never leave them inactive.