Agents of Mayhem

Funny but not very ambitious
So we flew to London to put our hands on a version – actually – not yet definitive: the trial was mostly structured in a brief overview of the title, and then focused on a gameplay session. The latter featured several gaming segments that, besides introducing us to the basic mechanics, also allowed us to understand what the goals and ambitions of this Agents of Mayhem.
Built as a classic TPS shooter, AoM proposes a gameplay that focuses on fun, schizophrenia and the variety of approach, not so much for the ability to deal with missions in a different way, both for the amount of agents available. Twelve in total and equipped with unique weapons, abilities and super special skills (Mayhems). There are more people in the “classical” action game, so you can shoot weapons and fire at will, others with more dynamic and faceted skills and we
apons that will force you to diversify your play style to fit the situation. Before each mission we will be asked to compose our team, consisting of three top agents and will not be able to change during the action. Or better: you can switch one of the three selected at any time, but you will not be able to radically change the team structure. And here comes the first doubts: why impose this limit ifAgents of Mayhemdoes the variety and the quantity of characte
rs stand as a strong point? The development team responds to us by saying that each agent will take some time to be mastered at best, and consequently comes the choice to block the number of playable characters on a mission. It is unclear what effect this choice will have on the life of the title: Certainly, unlocking all twelve agents will be an average length process, since each of t
hem will have a dedicated quest that once activated will lead to the ability to use that character from the next mission. In this sense, AoM’s open world seemed to us a bit rough, both at the level of characterization and level design (which points to th
e verticality, thanks to the triple jump provided by each agent) but also at the level of look that obviously it is contextualized to ‘Agents of Mayhem will then only be single player: there are no plans for a PvE mode, not even
for a PvP. The title will therefore have to rely only on the single player component, although despite the twelve playable characters and the twelve levels of difficulty to be selected, it is likely to be too weak, given that the nature of the game – and competition – somehow set gaming modes dedicated to the multiplayer.Obviously, the growth of agents (each with their own level) and the level of customization, marked by skin for clothing and
weapons combined with a kind of skill tree of ability, could somehow raise the level of replayability, not counting each of the protagonists has a different and in-depth backstory. Unfortunately, however, these are more than legitimate doubts that we will drag to the test of the final version, when Agents of Mayhem will come back to play and analyze.