Heroes of the Storm: Probius and its pylons

The distinctive feature (D) of the character is Evoca Pilone. With this skill, Probius places a pylon that generates an energetic field within which the character can reload the mana quickly and is the only way he can do it, except for fountains or back to the base, of course. Among the talents there are some that boost the pylons, giving additional effects such as increased damage or magic resistance to the allies in the area, very useful for dealing with particular teams or with particularly annoying specialists.
Close to the pylon there is the Photonic Cannon (E). With this ability, Probius can summon a cannon that inflicts 95 damage per second for 11 seconds. It should be placed inside the pylon area and, if the field declines for some reason, the cannon is turned off. The ideal place is to place both in hidden positions, or at least the pylon, so that they have a continuous resource from which to draw to recover mana, or later place other cannons even surprise within shrubs or generic shadow areas.

The other two basic skills, which act synergistically, are Disruptor Impulse (Q) and Dimensional Vortex (W). The Impulse is a skillshot that inflicts 150 damage to hit enemies and with talents it can have additional effects such as, for example, the return stroke. The Vario, on the other hand, is an area effect that activates in 1.25 seconds and slows 20% enemies for 9 seconds. The synergy between the two, to be learned quickly in order to use Probius best, is that if the Impulse Disruptor hits the Dimen


sional Range it will explode and inflict another 261 damage on nearby enemies. These two skills are important, and around them turn most talents. For example, the Vortex can be enhanced to inflict more damage, slow down more enemies, or create additional explosio


ns in the area.
Finally, the two heroic abilities (R): Pylon Overload and Zero Portal. With the first ability Probius obviously strengthens the pylons placed: for ten secon


ds the size of the energy fields increases, allowing them to attack enemies by inflicating 110 damage per second and gives the pylons a permanent shield equal to 50% of their Maximum Health. Zero Portal instead generates a negative energy barrier that lasts for 4 seconds: enemies passing through it suffer 64 damage per second and are slowed down by 80% as long as


they remain in contact with it. Both skills are very interesting and situational, although I personally prefer the second because, with a bit of sense in placing the barrier, malus to movement is too important for a teamfight or a pursuit.

Heroes of the Storm: Probius and its pylons

A probe life to recover

Probius pylons has a potentially devastating damage output, but equally devastating is the ease with which it can be annihilated. Probius is not suited to the first rows with its small life spans, its position is the most defileless possible, able to see the battlefield and read every game situation.
He can easily afford his skills and,


with a bit of intelligence, can keep a single opponent in a wedge where you can literally eat the characters with little defense thanks to the Impulso + Varco combo. As soon as the situation is overcome in terms of numerical superiority, Probius is likely to be


killed most of the time, considering also that the only escape ability is the one that replaces the Jump, Intensive Collection (Z). With this skill, Probius has a 50% speed bonus for 5 seconds, but if hit, it returns immediately to normal speed.

There are some talents that help character sustain, but in most cases are not enough to support the fire of two or more opponents. Turbo Load reduces intensive harvesting cooldown and amplifies motion, Shield Shield and Shield Battery increase the character’s strength, but they must be used more as a shock absorber to escape and activate Intensive Harvest rather than real cash damage.