e3 schedule

E3 Schedule. All the details in one article

Battlefield V

Probability: 99%

The recently announced Battlefield V will be shown on EA Play absolutely, and it will almost certainly be the main game of the presentation – just like Battlefield 1 became the main game in 2016.

So the DICE shooter, most likely, will close the event, and a new trailer, of course, will devote to the gameplay.

Another Electronic Arts can bring to the stage a crowd of players and in real time to hold a match in Battlefield V, broadcasting the whole thing on the big screen.

And then the movie of the plot campaign will show and tell a lot about what all the fans of the series already know or guess.

New trailer Anthem, from which no one will understand anything Probability: 90% Anthem is another game that will definitely be discussed on EA Play.

Here, without a new video, too, will not do, but we remember how BioWare showed at Mass Effect shows: Andromeda – so that almost no one before the release of it really no one understood.

Canadians have long had some serious problems in order to clearly formulate the main ideas of their games at presentations and in trailers.

What is Anthem in general? Is it something like Destiny? It seems so.

A game with an emphasis on online, but in which you can supposedly be comfortable playing alone? And they told us about it.

Is it too late to make a game with such a concept? Yes late already, to be honest.

That is, it most likely has changed, and on the upcoming e3 schedule we can see a completely different game? Yes, almost certainly.

About what was Anthem in general? Yes, no one knows.

Teaser Dragon Age 4

Probability: 60% I

t has long been known that BioWare works not only on Anthem, but also on Dragon Age 4.

In early 2018 it became known that the development of the game in 2017 was restarted.

It is possible that this was due to the problems of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Against which the studio decided to abandon some not very good ideas of the fourth part of Dragon Age and start everything from scratch.

Anyway, at least just announcing it and showing a teaser can – after all, BioWare should show the players that not only Anthem now determines the life of the studio.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Probability: 70%

In fact, the second part of Star Wars: Battlefront publisher is required to pay attention in any case. After all these scandals due to lootboks and microtransactions.

EA should regain the trust of the players.

It will be enough to show a new seasonal addition and tell you that the shooter is doing well – they play it, buy it and all that.

And if the company once again takes on the scene Janina Gavankar.

Who played in the story campaign Eden, then the block about Battlefront 2, like last year, will become one of the most memorable.


Sport, Sport, Sport

Probability: 100%

What is the presentation of Electronic Arts without sports simulators? Correctly – no. Here and this year on EA Play we will certainly hear about the next parts of FIFA and Madden NFL.

It is possible that the company will submit an addition for EA Sports UFC 3,

or even a new game of the series.

DLC for The Sims 4

Probability: 95%

June 22 will be the addition of “Four Seasons” for The Sims 4.

And there is almost no doubt that they will talk about him on EA Play.

A new trailer will also be shown. DLC will add to the game drafts and allow the Sims to dig in the snow.

Remove the autumn leaves, sunbathe in the sun and celebrate the mass of new seasonal holidays.

In other words, the already huge on the possibility of The Sims 4 will become even more.

A new indie game that will be released under EA Originals

Probability: 60%

Within the framework of EA Originals, the publisher of money helps independent studios.

Thanks to the program Hazelight Studios and the Swedish director Yousef Fares released an excellent cooperative game A Way Out, and the studio Zoink managed to complete the adventure adventure Fe.

New Need for Speed

Probability: 20%

It is unlikely, but still. Need for Speed: Payback was a great race, which was almost spoiled by a boring open world and thoughtless grind.

The fact that the Ghost Games studio is already working on the new part of the series (or over DLC for Payback), there is no doubt, the question is different.

Will the developers show something this year or wait until the next one?

New Games by Star Wars

Probability: 10%

At some point, it might seem that almost all the studios of Electronic Arts are somehow involved in working on some game in the Star Wars universe.

Then it became clear that just three teams – DICE, Criterion Games and Motive Studios – worked Star Wars: Battlefront 2.

And another big game was the mysterious Project Ragtag, which was created by Visceral Games.

However, EA closed Visceral, and the fate of that nameless project, we eventually did not really get to know anything. It seems that his development was restarted.

Nevertheless, if someone announces a new major game on Star Wars, then it will be Electronic Arts. However, hoping for something concrete is definitely not worth it.

A lot of talk about Xbox One X and Xbox Game Pass

Probability: 99% Xbox One X is really good (than – you can read in our review), things are certainly going well for it and Microsoft will tell you about it.

New bands, colors and branded gamepads – it certainly will. The price reduction is also quite possible to hope for.

Another important point is the subscription service Game Pass, “Netflix for games.”

If anyone does not know, the essence of the service is that you pay a monthly subscription and get access to a large catalog of games from Microsoft and other publishers.

All of Microsoft’s own games appear in the Game Pass on the release day.

The service will probably be given enough time: announce new publishers-partners or tell about some exclusive bonuses to subscribers.

VR for Xbox One X

Probability: 30%

Once upon a time there were rumors that support for Oculus Rift was planned on the Xbox One X (then Xbox Scorpio).

As a result, virtual reality on the console is not in any form.

But Microsoft also has its own development-HoloLens. Perhaps, the matter will finally move, but it is believed that it is weak.

there is no interest in VR for the present time. But the potential support for virtual reality on the Xbox One X in the future still does not deny.


Sea of ​​Thieves, State of Decay 2 and PUBG

Probability: 99%

Sea of ​​Thieves is a good game, which obviously lacks content, so the press met this cartoon pirate simulator cool.

Probably, the conference will present a plan for updates in the near future.

The first big “patch” – The Hungering Deep – is released on May 29, we will be reminded of it.

Somewhere in the summer, the Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shore additions should be in place – that’s just the first details and we are waiting.

With the State of Decay 2, everything is also about understandable. The first game was, frankly, an indie-level project.

The second part of Microsoft promoted as a full-fledged AAA release and now it will hardly be thrown, despite the cool reviews of the players and the press ( we, too, it is not ).

The potential to become a game-service of the State of Decay 2 is huge – and the co-op now exists, and the genre disposes.

So I’m absolutely sure that they will talk about the game and probably will also present a future plan for its updates.

PUBG slowly surrenders positions , and the banner of the main “Battle Royale” game has long passed to Fortnite. But this does not mean that the story of the game is over – it is still insanely popular, and Microsoft is clearly insanely proud that PUBG is its console exclusive (for now).

Is not it just that the company at the exhibition shows huge PUBG-stands?

The conference this year without pubga, too, certainly will not do: announcements of updates, laudatory statistics, a streamer on the stage – that’s all.

  Indie games and MINECRAFT

Probability: 90%

Almost every year, Microsoft proudly talks about how it supports talented indie developers, and the Xbox, of course, is the best for the indie platform.

The confirmation is usually shown cutting with frames from the most different turkeys coming out on the Xbox One. It is unlikely that this year the tradition will be interrupted. Well, Minecraft – skinheads, collabs. Can Microsoft do without Minecraft?

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New game trailer from the major publisher

Probability: 99%

In other words – Xbox One will be the main platform for any new multiplatform. EA, Ubisoft or someone else will present a new game and it will be shown at the Microsoft conference.

Perhaps, they will present a reboot of the Splinter Cell series, about which rumors go from the very beginning of the year. Almost certainly, Microsoft will show the already announced Battlefield V.

Of the most incredible assumptions – the second coming Cyberpunk 2077, which indirectly lit up in the e3 schedule . If you believe the rumors, Microsoft received exclusive rights to promote it.

Crackdown 3

Probability: 99%

The most long-suffering exclusive Microsoft, which has been carried over a million times. If you forgot, Crackdown 3 is an action in the open world about superhero agents. Something in the spirit of Saints Row.

At one time, Crackdown 3 advertised through unreal destructibility – “in physics” you can smash a whole metropolis with all its skyscrapers, but only in online mode, because the physics will be considered a cloud.

The game is likely to be a lot of time, you need to chew and sell, explain that Crackdown 3 is cool – wait this year already. Maybe right during the press conference will be released? Well, for sure it will be a game of service and we will be told about it.

new game from the developers Cuphead

Probability: 50%

Cuphead – another indie game, which has become a powerful exclusivity in the hands of Microsoft. This is a long construction, the development of which started already in 2010, the same game was first introduced to the public in 2014.

Since then, Microsoft from year to year showed the game, and the release date all shifted. Now Cuphead has finally come out, gathered its dozens ( from us – a nine ) and rave reviews – the time for a new project.

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Ori and the Will of the Wisps and The Last Night

Probability: 80%

Ori and the Blind Forest – one of the most respected, highly valued and beloved by the players of Microsoft exclusives. The second part was presented on E3 2017 and it looks all the same beautiful and touching.

During the year, almost no new information about the game appeared, so in its show at the conference in 2018 I almost do not doubt. Probably, the release date will be announced.

Along with the new Ori, one of the most memorable announcements of Microsoft on e3 schedule 2017 was pixel indie-game The Last Night .

First of all, she remembered the picture, which stunningly stylishly combines 3D graphics, realistic lighting and pixel art.

The gameplay is something in the spirit of the famous Flashback, and in spirit – Blade Runner. The situation with The Last Night is similar to Ori – for a year the information about the game has not increased, so the repeated display on E3 is very likely.

Anthem and Metro: Exodus

Probability: 90%

Both games are already announced on e3 schedule 2018 – they will be shown accurately, both debuted at the Microsoft conference, both moved to 2019 and need to maintain the audience’s attention.

What else to add? For Anthem Xbox One X is also a leading platform. Metro: Exodus in 2017 in general became one of the main announcements of e3 schedule and together with a couple of the above “indie” took out the entire Microsoft conference. The company could not fail to notice this.

Forza Horizon

Probability: 99%

This is one of the leading series of the company and an excellent benchmark for the Xbox One X. Microsoft has long been shuffling serious numbered issues of Forza Motorsport and more arcade Forza Horizon for a year.

In addition, the user of Resetera under the nickname Klobrille informed the development of the new Forza Horizon, according to him, this time the game will go to Japan.

This is a rumor, but in 2016 it merged almost all of Microsoft’s real plans for the e3 schedule conference. And the head of the Spanish and Portuguese branch of Xbox confirmed the announcement of the game.

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Announcement of the new Halo and Gears of War

Probability: 50%

Let’s start with Halo – the new game will be 100%, because it’s about the central Microsoft series and the most powerful media franchise. Why is now the time to announce a new Halo?

Firstly, with the release of Halo 5 and the audience for the series is already bored. Secondly, Xbox One reaches the final segment of its existence, it obviously needs something powerful, and nothing more powerful than Microsoft does.

Rumors of a potential Halo: Genesis, which will become a reboot of the series on the network have been going for a long time, and still the same Klobrille in his “sink” also mentioned the probable Halo 6.

The new Gears of War, too, will someday be – this, again, a powerful franchise with a huge potential for development, which Microsoft will not give up. And a fourth part obviously laid the basis for a new series of games, it’s time to continue it.

  Fable and Perfect Dark

Probability: 30%

RPG-series Fable was once an important system-seller for Microsoft, but it ended on the Xbox 360, along with the studio developer Lionhead.

Unless, of course, do not consider the canceled Fable Legend and card Fable Fortune. However, Fable 4 is already being developed, according to Klobrille.

And in the beginning of the year there was a rumor that developers of the Forza series are engaged in the new Fable.

But with Perfect Dark from Rare everything is more complicated – this is a strange series.

The first part is a cult classic, and Perfect Dark Zero for Xbox 360 is a very controversial game.

But the players are still waiting for the revival of the series.

According to Klobrille, the development of the new Perfect Dark is being conducted and the studio The Coalition, responsible now for the development of Gears of War, is participating in it.

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Probability: 10%

I always want to believe in the best. Suddenly, does Microsoft really shock us with something quite powerful? Although, the new Fable, Halo and Gears of War and so would be enough.

But let’s dream: the new Battletoads, Sunset Overdrive 2, Cliff Blezhinski is back to developing Gears of War, the announcement of new exclusive IP … hardly.

Fallout 76 and RAGE 2

Probability: 100%

The new mysterious Fallout itself is a powerful teaser of the Bethesda conference.

In the first clip we were not shown anything, they said only that the game is, it will be connected with the shelter 76 (but even this is not exact), and the details are already on e3 schedule. Wait. We are waiting, but we are afraid.

The network is actively rumored that the game will not be familiar to us, “Fallout”, and focused on online survival in the setting of Fallout.

But there’s no sense in guessing, you do not have to wait long – while you look at the Internet joke about the game .

RAGE 2 is another powerful announcement that Bethesda did not hold until the conference. Unlike Fallout 76, this game was announced not only by the teaser ( which we really liked ).

But also by the gameplay video ( which we really liked ).

However, we almost do not know anything about RAGE 2, except that developers Just Cause and Mad Max (id only in consultants) are engaged in it.

There will be more emphasis on the open world, and for the first part it will not be much like and will.

This is more diverse. At the conference we are waiting for more details and the release date – I am ready to say that before 2019 the game will not appear.


Probability: 80%

For this assumption there is a mass of factors at once. First, DOOM came out a long time ago – in 2016 – and sold well. Secondly, id does not exactly sit idle.

Thirdly, it does not work on RAGE 2 – not at full strength, at least. So on what then? The answer is obvious.

Fourth, Pete Hines of Bethesda even said that for the company this e3 schedule – “hell on Earth.” It sounds like a teaser, especially considering that “hell on Earth is the subtitle of the original Doom 2.

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Probability: 90%

DLC or even an independent add-on for the first part – almost certainly.

The main teaser of the possible add-on is the list of Prey’s achievements on Steam.

Where a new column of achivoks appeared without descriptions, the names are added to the phrase “If you believed they put a man on the moon.”

TES: Legends and Quake: Champions

Probability: 99%

For TES Online, the addition of Summerset and Bethesda has recently come to mind. But the new one announces something unlikely – early.

About TES: Legends will also talk, the game is literally about to be replaced by the developer, so that it’s time to tell about its future and prospects.

The announcement of a large supplement for card “scrolls” is likely. Well, any tournaments-updates for Quake: Champions.


Probability: 50%

It has been known for quite some time (at the rumor level, of course) that Bethesda Game Studios is working on two games.

The first, apparently, already announced Fallout 76. And the second? Something is hard to guess.

But this game could well be Starfield – a big RPG about the space that we were waiting for at the last e3 schedule .

There are no confirmations, but in 2013 ZeniMax, which owns Bethesda, did register such a trademark.

What to expect from the exhibition E3 2018. All the details in one article.  - Image 15

Announcement of the mobile game – Fallout Shelter 2?

Probability: 80%

I strongly doubt that this will be the continuation of Fallout Shelter.

But the company has not released other mobile games so far, so there’s nothing more to suggest.

In any case, the new mobile game is exactly in development – it was himself Todd Howard himself zatiril .

He also said that the developers “are based on the experience of Shelter, but are moving to something new.”

More ports on the Nintendo Switch

Probability: 70%

Bethesda went well to the platform with DOOM, Wolfenstein will soon arrive.

Demand is, the technology is debugged – I see no reason to stop.

Perhaps new games will be announced immediately and on Switch, perhaps the company is porting something old.

Something new for Dishonored and The Evil Within

Probability: 10%

Not very lucrative, but very fashion series – a quality single experience among the online marshes of the modern industry. From such a publisher will not refuse. This would have added more Wolfenstein, but the new part came out recently and even before Switch has not yet reached. There were no leaks and hints, so we can only hope.

What to expect from the exhibition E3 2018. All the details in one article.  - Image 16

The Elder Scrolls VI Announcement

Probability: 0%

Humble yourself.

Devolver will win again and not show a single game

Probability: 90%

Devolver has promised to disappoint us, but I do not believe.

Devolver promised blood, new developments from the authors “I throw money into the monitor” and expand the cinematic universe of press conferences Devolver Digital. That’s what I believe in.