State of Decay 2

The whole thing, however, is now much more articulated, due to the greater expansion of the explorable area, declared three times larger than the previous one.

The core of experience seems to be still that peculiar mix of different gameplay that featured the first chapter, at the limit of exploration, management of their own field, and combat.We will therefore be invited to explore the surrounding world and to weave relationships with other survivors, all of them with different psychological characteristics and skills that will be useful in many situations.

For example, having a skilled protagonist in gardening will give way to enriching his or her own establishment with a vegetable garden that can support the livelihood of one’s own group. Likewise, counting among its own line a former policeman can guarantee some security and allow the use of more and more powerful weapons.

As in the previous chapter, each of our companions will feature a narrative background that will illustrate the highlights of survivor lives before the arrival of the zombies.

In addition to this, the usual system of progression of basic statistics, such as health and endurance, is complemented. All this gives a complex picture of complexity, and that in theory should give the possibility of shaping a group quite close to what they need.

State of Decay 2

Action and Reaction
In State of Decay 2 every action will start a series of consequences: when you need seeds for your own vegetable garden and you will have to drive to the nearest town, you will need to make it the least possible noise, so that the hordes of zombies do not feel our presence.

If not, you will have to fight against the dead, with the consequences that you can expect from this kind of situation. In this regard, zombie-skirmishes will once again focus on the use of body-to-body and firearm options; the general immediacy of gameplay, in these phases, is accompanied by the presence of zombies with special skills.

An example of this comes directly from the trailer shown at E3, where a huge undead has had easy life against a survivor, in fact by stealing it in a few moves. Again in this regard, another type of monster can be mentioned which, once done out, will release a toxic cloud that will prevent the passage.

Being able to do the best against these threats is therefore a primary goal: as in the first chapter, our adventure companions may die, with obvious repercussions both on a psychological and practical level.

Even in the case of successful conflicts, in any case, you will have to deal with short-term consequences such as fatigue, hunger, and in general the mood of each component of the group. In order to balance these components,

State of Decay 2

Cover Your Shoulders
The whole state of Decay universe seems to be built on the search for some sociality, or anyway, of links between the various characters in the game. For example, in the first chapter, it was necessary to build a community as closely as possible to ensure that the threats posed by the zombies could be adequately addressed.

Also in State of Decay 2 seems possible to identify such a component, amplified even more by the presence of up to four players (exclusively online, without split-screen).In the next game of Undead Labs, in fact, players will share their experience, and live together an adventure to survive.

However, it is to be said that being shared will not be the whole gaming situation, such as your own field and your survivor team, as the guest player will be placed inside the game of the host game, in fact, sacrificing part of one’s own game. In any case, this is a particularly welcome addition, and it can only help to increase the attractiveness of a project that, on the other hand, finds itself within a genuinely competitive gender and where alternatives are not lacking.

From the technical point of view, the trailer and the sequences shown did not shout the miracle as a definition, although the use of the Unreal Engine 4 already represents an excellent starting point; in any case these are aspects that will be deeper when the title is near the exit. About this,State of Decay 2 is scheduled for 2018: there is still plenty of time to work on both the gameplay and the technical side.