Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 achieved something that few had done in recent years: focus the FPS genre on what they proposed ahead of other projects that commercially have long ago no rival in the world of electronic entertainment.


And he did it thanks to a change of third that the users demanded and that EA SAYS he listened The first trailer of the new action game of the Swedish company marked its own profile. Now, when it seems that the futuristic worlds and the robots are assaulting the present and future multiplayer, they decide to look back and go to the First World War.


This week is released for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One a game that breaks in the aesthetic with the previous deliveries, but that remains -with news, with successes, with errors- what anyone can expect from a Battlefield: battles of an unparalleled size.

The saga of EA has been diversifying in recent years while trying to compete to get a piece of the huge cake that has Call of Duty. Under this premise was launched a


Battlefield 3acclaimed by the press (the best rated of the last six years) that maintained the virtues of its multiplayer (up to 64 players, huge maps and Conquest mode as a great reference) but wanted to be equated with the Activision saga. This was done through a campaign that tried to transfer the


Battlefield formula to a linear and cinematic plot, in addition to adding some more closed and frenetic PVP modes. For the fan of all life, unnecessary.


In any case, the time probably gave the reason to those who thought that in the background, Battlefield and Call of Dutythey are two different products. Complementary And with types of users that do not have to fit.

battlefield-1-classes-copy.jpg screenshot

Battlefield 4 , simplifying some proposals, developments such as the evolution of the scenarios according to some moments that occurred in the game, expanding the destruction of structures that we saw in the previous game and with a new system of progress, followed a very continuous path with respect to that we had seen in the third part numbered.


EA also opted for a new spin-off like Hardline, which did not get the acceptance or good criticism that had the second part of Bad Company. The feeling these years is that the saga did not advance as expected. And probably there was the idea of ​​stopping a moment, looking at what was around him and trying his luck with something different.


The first World War is unknown in the world of video games, which although it has been recreated in some moments, has always been very far from the offer that had been generated – before the boom of modern warfare – with the Second World War.


The questions were many. Pretty and different, yes, but: And the vehicles? Will we have enough weapons? We will not feel that we lack options regarding accessories and more current gadgets?

The answer is that EA DICE has got its way in these sections. The new location changes some scenarios that seemed overcome, such as the type of weapon and the way to control it, the accessories of each of the classes or the wide variety of vehicles available,


which has not been affected by the most archaic mechanics that dominated at the beginning of the last century the military intelligence regarding locations like those of Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4. It is true that the game is also marked to some extent by Battlefront , the multiplayer title of Star Warsfrom the same company.


Go ahead that we do not have such an exaggerated simplification of the mechanics of play, much less, but that the disposition of certain scenarios very open and the presence of some features that we saw in the game a year ago, such as specialized classes ( heroes) in the middle of the games and the ‘giant vehicles’ that make an appearance.

battlefield1_reveal_05_0.jpg Screenshot

Stories of war, according to Battlefield 1

The main campaign changes what we had seen in previous iterations of the saga and proposes to narrate different events within the first Great War


from different points of view. From the assault on the city of Cambrai , France, on behalf of the British; going through an air battle between the Anglo-Saxon army and the Germans, the role of Lawrence of Arabia in the


Arab rebellion of those years, the Gallipoli battle of the Italians against the Ottoman Empire or the confrontation between Italians and Austro-Hungarians in the middle of the Alps. In total we have five playable episodes –

more a prologue of a few minutes and a final video in the reflection of the own developer team- that can be finished in about six hours, some more if you want to recover all objects and an extra codex that each one offers of the games.

The most interesting aspect of this modality comes from the perspective in which the campaign is presented. Each of these historical battles revolves around a soldier, a character who is part of a great what and who has a mission to carry out. EA DICE tries to


generate an empathy with these characters that unfortunately can not execute, among other things because in some cases with an hour we will have liquidated his story and so it is difficult to love anyone. Beyond clichés, it is true that in some cases, such as the


chapter of battles in the air, manages to make us smile when the plot ends, among other things because the personality of the protagonist is above the other companions of adventure .