How Mobile Fortnite Looks and Is Played


Helpful information for those who want to play in mobile fortnite:

  • To access the mobile Fortnite, you need to get an invitation. You can apply on the  official website of the game ;
  • While the game is only available on iOS, the Android version will appear a little later;
  • Supported devices: iPhone 6S / SE, iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad 2017;
  • The game takes about two gigabytes in iPhone memory.

The main thing that can be said about  mobile fortnite game is the same game as on PCs and consoles, only adapted for the touch screen.

Not a scrap or a stub: there is exactly the same map, the same weapon, the same sounds and mechanics.

Micro Machines World Series. Racing in miniature

Unless it looks worse: graphics mobile version plus-minus corresponds to low settings of the game on the PC.

Is everything "grown-up"? How mobile Fortnite looks and is played. - Image 2 mobile fortnite apk
Is everything "grown-up"? How mobile Fortnite looks and is played. - Image 3
PC, low settings, 1080p

On sensations, on the iPhone X the game works in thirty frames per second. There are no graphics settings in the mobile version.

Everyone who has ever played a shooter on a smartphone knows how inconvenient to shoot there.

In  mobile fortnite battle royale, given the constant need to build something, the management problem is particularly acute.

Fortunately, Epic did everything to make life easier for players.

First, there is quite an “aggressive” auto-targeting – if you aim at the enemy, then he will follow the target, even if it moves.

Especially it is noticeable with “aiming” shooting and to a lesser extent – from the hip.

This, however, does not turn Fortnite into a shooting gallery, where you just need to press in the center of the screen – you still need both accuracy and reaction speed.

Secondly, many mechanics in the mobile Fortnite are automated.

The character opens the doors and picks up weapons independently, and not by pressing the button.

Thirdly, a sound indicator is displayed on the screen – so, playing without headphones.

You can determine in which direction the enemy is walking or where the chest with the loot is hidden.

Of course, you can not hit the same headshots here as on a PC, but you do not feel yourself for most of the time.

Is everything "grown-up"? How mobile Fortnite looks and is played. - Image 5

The golden arc above the character’s head indicates the direction of the “singing” trunk.


This means that if you want, you can play with the smartphone with PC users and consoles.

You will most likely be instantly killed, but no one interferes with connecting to the iPad or iPhone gamepad and fighting with “consolers” on an equal footing.

Two of my party members play in Fortnite at home and with PC, and I – with the iPhone in the Moscow metro. Surrealistic impressions, to be honest.

Do you like  mobile fortnite battle depends on how you basically feel about the super-popular game Epic Games.

Give her a chance in any case: for example, on a PC, Fortnite did not really “go” to me, but on the smartphone, no, no, but I’ll play a couple of games.

Moreover, the future of the mobile version now looks cloudless.

Fans will play it, because it will allow them to spend even more time in their favorite game.

Continue to raise the rating and knock out cosmetics.

Casual players get a full-fledged AAA project for free from large platforms, and even without the wild monetization system inherent in many mobile phones.

So look at  mobile fortnite app for smartphones more closely: maybe it will become a new mobile drug, which was once, for example, Clash of Clans.