Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect’s saga, among many things, is famous for allowing the player to create loving relationships during the adventure.
Even Andromeda makes no difference and, on the contrary, proposes a fun, stratified romance system that will reward the most determined pioneers in getting the love of the desired partner.
Cultivating these relationships, however, requires attention, and for this reason, in these short but steep directions we will give you some advice on how to develop it best, and above all, what are the different possibilities in case your character is a man or a woman.
Spaceship Playboy
Loving relationships, as well as friendships with your travel companions, will develop primarily on the Tempest and between one mission and another. To make sure you are on the right track and do not miss anything, follow these four little tips:
1 – Whenever you speak with the person you are interested in, always use the “flirt” dialog option. It is easily recognized because it is flanked by a huge heart;
2 – Speaking often with the usual NPC might start the quest, so try to be constant in the dialogs;
3 – Always read emails. Many times some relationships begin or develop through private mail messages;
4 – Some romances are closely linked to the loyalty of the character in question. So try to do what interests you as soon as possible;
It’s not all: as mentioned in the opening, the sex of our protagonist implies some restrictions on NPCs that could potentially become your partners. Let’s look at the different options in detail:
Man Ryder: Vetra, Peebee, Avela, Gil, Cora, Reyes Vidal, Keri.
Ryder woman: Keri, Peebee, Jaal, Liam, Suvi, Vetra, Reyes Vidal.
Now that you have all the information at your disposal there is nothing more than wish you good games and, above all … good fun!