Day of Infamy

When we talk about realistic-cut shooters it is difficult to collect a large number of them: the saturation of arcade shooters eclipse this genre, and in the end many fans are left without


their dose of realism. If above we want to play in a specific time, the options are reduced and the hopes of seeing a game in our favorite historical era are almost nil. After years of fighting in modern and futuristic wars, settings like the first and second world war have been little exploited, but with releases like


Battlefield 1 or the next COD WWII, the past becomes more present in video games. And that’s where Day of Infamy comes in, a proposal in which not only do we recall one of the most devastating stages of history, like the Second World War,

And this is where we have to warn our readers that this game may not be their style. If you expect frantic action, with moments in the style of ‘Michael Bay’ and plays impossible to imagine, this is not your game. Forget completely. The epicity in Day of Infamy lies in getting out of the situations closest to death, collaborating with your team and ending up victorious.

You have to be very patient with your style of play for various reasons. First and most importantly, on almost every occasion we are going to die from a gunshot.


This already in itself defines the gameplay that we will find during our games. It’s no use running around the map hoping to reach the goal without complications. We will have to collaborate with our team constantly,

day-of-infamy-free-download-full-pc-game.jpg screenshot

To make things even more difficult, we will not have any HUD to use. That means we will not have a minimap to guide us through and spot enemy positions. The allies will not be constantly marked to differentiate them, so we must remember the clothes of each faction in order not


to accidentally kill our comrades. We will have more than 70 weapons and accessories that will respond in a realistic manner according to the time and that will give us more than a problem until we know how to control them.

Our army will be composed of 9 classes, each one with a role in mind: Officer, Radio Operator, Rifleman, Assault, Support, Flamethrower, Engineer, Machine Gunner and Sniper. While each of these classes has prearranged weapons, we can customize them with all kinds of accessories such as a better loader, cannon, bipod, bayonet, etc. We can also select


the type of equipment we want, either from carrying a type of grenades, secondary weapons or better protection. Each of these weapons and accessories will have a weight in question, and this will make us think well that we want to carry on the battlefield.

Each class will have a certain function in the games. For example, it is almost mandatory to bring an Officer and a Radio Operator. Without an Officer, the Operator will not be able to carry out air or smoke attacks. Other classes like sniper will be key in order to


visualize the enemy at long distance. Classes such as Assault or Rifleman must always be in front of the battle, with the support of all others that we have mentioned above.


In the end, everything is a mixture of styles, in which each one must provide a role in order to reach the goal. Within all these classes there will be 3 factions: United States Army, German Wehrmacht and the


Commonwealth Army. Going up the level will give us access to different units in each faction, where the uniform and different aspects of the weapons will change.