World War II Hardcore

These titles would be to encourage the incapable players with mechanics designed ad hoc and with the integration in the gameplay of what were once considered real cheats (think of the super Overwatch). Obviously the industry has its motivation to favor a more relaxed approach to online gaming (a frustrated player immediately runs away and does not come back),


but it is also true that those who prefer a more competitive approach, focused on “skill” or skill of the player, may be disappointed by some proposals. Fortunately, the malaise was not complained of by forum, but has often turned into real video games, sometimes very successful.Day of Infamy, the new team-based shooter based on the


New World Interactive classes, a team from the modder scene that we owe Insurgency (almost three and a half million copies sold on Steam), is aimed at those who want to return to an experience of a game essentially based on skill ,


in which killing means knowledge of one’s own means and maps and not the pressure of a key when a light shining that announces the availability of the end of world attack is shining. In short, we must use the brain.

We have reviewed the online shooter Day of Infamy: find out if we liked it


Day of Infamy presents itself as an essential shooter since its setting: World War II. If we had to indicate a title that resembles those still active on the market, the choice would inevitably fall on Red Orchestra 2 (with Valve’s Day of Defeat you would go further back in years). Actually the gameplay offers significant differences, but conceptually the two titles are very similar.

World War II Hardcore
World War II Hardcore

Like the title of Tripwire, Day of Infamy also offers realistic weapons, both in appearance and in use (the ballistics of each weapon is reproduced with great accuracy), a fairly steep learning curve and the likely shootings, different depending of the role that one has chosen to interpret.


Who, machine gun in the hand, runs in the open field thinking he can make a massacre lives the bad times …If you look closely the resemblance to Red Orchestra 2, which is still more realistic, it is also one of the Day of Infamy problems, since those who are already playing the other will have less motivation to try this, but it is more a question of market positioning that of quality of the game, which really makes the maximum with the means at its disposal. As Insurgency,


Day of Infamy was developing using Valve’s Source Engine. The limits of the engine are now all seen, but New World Interactive has nevertheless performed an excellent job in the composition of the maps, which are rich in detail and well structured, despite the obvious technical deficiencies that give it a still poor appearance. The settings of the various maps are those typical of the games on the Second World War: villages devastated by bombing, campaigns occupied by the Nazis, the inevitable N


ormandy beaches and so on. What to play depends on the settings of the servers, which still allow you to vote on the next map at the end of each match. Instead, some ugly skin of the characters, decidedly poorly finished.A special mention deserves the soundtrack, very rich in sounds of all kinds ,


which make Day of Infamy one of the best titles from the point of view of audio reconstruction of the historical conflict. There are specific sounds for each weapon and for each variant of the factions; the steps are convincing and are perfectly linked to environmental sounds. In short, acquiring a decent audio apparatus greatly increases the involvement in the game and, above all, allows you to better understand where the enemies are coming from.