Deponia Doomsday

Daedalic Entertainmentitself suggested that; that’s why today we write these sad lines that they have not succeeded. There is p


otential, how could there be with a story that revolves around time travel?, but except for specific moments of the game, the argument weakens more than imagined … to the point of proposing an outcome that could ruin the experience or, at least, make it less attractive.


None of this means that Deponia Doomsday is a bad video game. Unlike. The design of his puzzles, the wit of many of his dialogues, th


e new and histrionic characters that we will encounter … there is a lot of quality in this work that makes absurd humor its best asset. In that it does not change with respect to its predecessors, although we have noticed less s


park in the jokes that it raises. You will laugh, of course you will, but the subtlety of yesteryear has given way to simpler jokes that obviously make you less attractive. And look that history gives rise to creating hilarious situations of game.



Of temporary paradoxes the thing goes

Imagine for a few moments that everything that happened in the Deponia trilogy was nothing more than a dream; that the misa

dventures of Rufus, Goal and company would never have happened. Do you have it? Well this is the starting point of this new episode that takes us right to the beginning of everything, to that huge and smelly mountain of garbage that
our protagonist calls home no matter how much he tries to escape from it. But nothing is as simple as it seems, and less in this crazy universe of
fiction, so it will not take long to notice that something does not fit. Was it really a dream or is there something else?


Deponia Doomsday analysis

The new characters with whom we will interact are well designed and have potential, although the game does not always take advantage of them.

With a somewhat irregular narrative rhythm but always maintaining high interest in the story that is told, Deponia Doomsday will soon give us the key to understanding this mess: travel in time . A great argumental premise that in consonance with the always


narcissistic attitude of Rufus would give to create a story of fiction of enormous quality, imagine the mess that is capable of generating this type, and that nevertheless here is totally wasted. The storynever comes to emerge. There are moments of great quality, su


ch fun situations that it is impossible not to laugh, but there is also room for boredom, for absurd encounters that do not contribute anything in the story or in the playable. That is another.


Deponia Doomsday PC

It is a very irregular adventure. As soon as it surprises or disappoints

The option to go back in time, the fear of creating temporal paradoxes, the parallel universes … there is so much good material to play wit

h here that it is surprising that a studio like Daedalic Entertainment has not taken advantage of the theme by designing puzzles at the height of a premise as attractive as this. That the puzzles are not wrong; they simply
comply with what is fair and ready. And that disappoints us. Because in addition these challenges are also somewhat below those we saw at the time in the original trilogy, with some evidence lacking in logic and others somewhat boring.


Deponia Doomsday

It is the general tone in Deponia Doomsday , a game with too many ups and downs. As soon as you fall in love with his absurd humor and crazy game situations, as you are disappointed never to cross that line that separates a good graphic adventu


re from the largest in the genre. And there was potential to reach that level. You just have to see the numbers. About one hundred characte


rs with whom to interact and as many other locations to explore, all hand-drawn with exquisite taste. Here the German studio does not usually fail, and although the animations of the protagonists are somewhat discrete, in the visual we speak of an outstanding adventure.


Deponia Doomsday PC

Deponia would not be Deponia without her great sense of humor, and this episode is well served by hilarious dialogues and absurdly ridiculous game situations.

Do you understand our disappointment? There is nothing strictly wrong in Doomsday, but neither can it be said that this is the graphic adventure that the Deponia fans expected. And less with such a silly ending that ends up ruining a game th


at with something more original in its plot, and more worked puzzles, right now it would be a memorable work. If you have even intr


oduced “action” sequences in the style of Telltale Games – although you can not fail here – they feel very good, giving more variety to the development of the game.


It is also good news that the title premieres directly with texts in Spanish , even when the voices are only in English and German. Do you like curiosities? The Snake Bender in the Metal Gear Solid series, David Hayter , gives voice to the p


rotagonist of the prologue. One of many details that help you enjoy this good graphic adventure that will take you to complete between 15 and 20 hours depending on your expertise solving puzzles.