Full Bore

Full Bore is one of those numerous indie games that began their career on Kickstarter and that, after a long time of work and promises, is definitely released on Steam willing to capture the attention of the general public with ideas that only have a place in a project of this type.


With the premise of making the player feel intelligent and that this is carried away by curiosity thanks to the open world of the game,


Whole Hog Games started the adventure of their project on Kickstarter nothing more and nothing less than in 2012, getting over The objective of funding on January 12, 2013. Within a few months the three creators that make up the study that developed the title (Casey, Finn and Jake) decided to try their luck in


Steam Greenlight to try to reach a greater number of players. thanks to Valve’s download platform. The result was a success and the first part of this puzzle title ( Full Bore: The First Dig ) is set today, May 6, 2014, for sale officially on Steam. The second part that will serve to complete the game will come during the next few months and there will be no more than a single euro for it, so we can think of it as a kind of free DLC with more levels.

full-bore-1.jpg screenshot

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The boar that became a miner

After this brief review of the history of the project we begin to talk about Full Bore , a curious title of puzzles that although it does not invent the wheel (something difficult in this particular genre) has enough ingredients to capture the attention of all the lovers of this type of games and even of a more generalized public.

In the title we will embodyFrederick (Hildi if we decide to play with his female version), a boar that becomes a minerby accident and that must recover gems that have been stolen

The first is to have a generalized view of the level thanks to the arrows on our keyboard and the second is the possibility of traveling to the past by pressing a key, undoing our movements if we see that we have made a mistake in any of the steps we take. will allow us to solve some of the many puzzles that we will face.

from the Full Bore Mining Companyto be able to see the light of day again. For this, this animal guided by our keyboard, our intelligence and with the help of a lot of secondary characters that will be found during his journey, must travel the mines in search of such precious objects, solving puzles based on blocks almost every step to be able to open the way and recover these jewels.

One of the things that will attract the attention of players is that Full Bore offers us a totally open world in which we will change levels thanks to tunnels, elevators or teletransporters that can even take us beyond one of the levels in which we are stuck There is no concrete order to meet our objectives


and we can solve the puzzles at the time we want (as long as we do not have another that prevents us from accessing the area in question, of course).


This freedom will surely be enjoyed by a few players and allows us, if we want, to move on to another challenge if we get stuck in one of the puzzles in question, in order to clear our minds and, maybe even with luck , find a portal or a secret tunnel that allows us to skip that damn puzzle in which we are stuck without much effort.