The Sims 4 will feature a new Arts & Crafts content pack, formed by players

Some time ago the company EA announced, which gives players the opportunity to choose the theme and content of the new content set. The developers showed a number of options, and during the vote, the next change in the life of virtual men was determined.

During a traditional live broadcast Maxis monthlyly creators The sims 4 presented the future set Arts & Crafts, “Arts and Crafts.” With it, Sims will be able to master knitting and other applied arts.

Now the players have to choose the style of the set: “grandma’s chic”, a modern DIY workshop or a cozy cabinet for needlework. Voting for the best option will begin on December 23.

As for the console versions of The Sims 4, at the beginning of 2023, a Gallery will be opened for them. This is an online workshop in which players share their creations – families, rooms, plots and community lots. Everyone can download other people’s work for their game.

In the meantime, the biggest news for The Sims 4 for many was the appearance in the game of “baby Yoda” from the series “Mandaloretz“. This is just a figurine, but the players took it with enthusiasm and already use it in full at thematic lots.

Company Disney underestimated the popularity of the little hero. According to analysts, she lost more than 2.5 million dollars due to the fact that did not release on time souvenir content with “baby Yoda.” Over the past month, unofficial suppliers have managed to sell nearly 90 thousand products related to Mandalorets.