Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Roster

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Roster Review

The first part of BlazBlue was released in 2008 on arcade machines and a little later on consoles of the last generation.

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Then Arc System Works could not deal with the continuation of Guilty Gear, and the new project for the first frames was very similar to the studio’s past work.

In fact, it turned out to be an original game with new mechanics.

There were not very many characters, but they all differed in how they conducted the battle.

After the return of Guilty Gear, the BlazBlue series faded into the background.

 Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Roster

With the announcement of  Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Roster

A video game with characters from BlazBlue , Persona 4 Arena , Under Night In-Birth and RWBY .

We were interested in how developers can combine completely different mechanics and combat principles from original projects.

In reality, everything turned out to be quite trivial.

Inspired by the success of Dragon Ball FighterZ , the Japanese experts decided that Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Roster could also produce a good casual fighting game.

To do this, all the usual mechanics complicated for the series were cut or simplified.

All techniques, including a fast counterattack and powerful super attack.

Are performed by pressing a pair of buttons and sometimes with the addition of a banal combination with a quarter of a circle.

In the arena there are four fighters at once, who change each other when you click on the corresponding button.

In addition, the partner can jump out into the arena, performing one of several auxiliary techniques.

So the competent use of the teammate can greatly affect the outcome of the fight.

 Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Roster

In Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Roster is a large enough for such a simple game training mode.

Which describes both the basics of combat mechanics, and the features of individual characters.

Heroes vary in speed and size, but in general, even combinations of buttons to perform most of the techniques they have the same.

That’s why a player can easily rank characters and quickly master a new hero.

The developers went seriously with scissors on the  Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Roster  combat mechanics, and many interesting things that could simply be simplified were cut out.

In  Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Roster there are no barriers, or unique super sensors.

When filling which opened up new techniques and other ways of fighting.

All the characters are reduced to one common fighting style with two buttons for auto-combo.

Several special tricks that can be combined with each other, and the same for all super scale.

 Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Roster

Of course, reasonable simplification of command input is the right solution for such games.

It allows you to quickly join the process and focus on tactics.

Having thrown out the features of the series, the developers did not offer anything in return, because of what the tactical approach to combat suffered.

Space for the development of the player there is almost no.

And after a couple of evenings interest in the gameplay may simply evaporate.

On the other hand, casual players and anime fans will be satisfied with the simple mechanics with stylish characters.

beautiful combinations of strokes and spectacular special attacks.

With all its simplifications,  Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Roster allows you to quickly and beautifully fight.

Not distracted by memorizing complex tricks, which makes it a good option for an unsophisticated audience.

It’s also a pity that there is no arcade mode in the game.

There are only a few training modes, plot, survival, local battles or online.

In the latter case, you can use a special lobby to select an opponent from a dozen of the same players who came to the server.

Or randomly pick up an opponent.

The network code in the game is one of the best in the genre.

The game stabilizes and the battle passes in very comfortable conditions.