Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

Guilty Gear has not had an easy penetration in the European and Spanish market. The fact that his distribution was especially bad and late did not help much. If we add to all this that the Arc System Works projects , excellent as a rule, are not as popular as other franchises in our territory, the final result was that one of the best proposals in the 2D fight o


f the last years will go unnoticed . This did not prevent, in any case, that the return of Guilty Gear with the Xrd series continued its way to consolidate as, perhaps, the definitive proposal today in Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Steam with Revelator. Now comes a new update with this Rev 2, that can be obtained as a whole game -the base is Revelator- or as an update for 19.90 euros if you already have the previous title. A must.

For those who do not know the saga, something strange because it has always been the pretty girl of one of the great companies of the fight but in t


he previous generation was a little apart by the BlazBlue boom, you should know that we are facing a title with an address artistic in the visual of marked Japanese court, with fresh and original designs, with a large number of characters that seem taken from an anime and animated scenarios and full of details. But if the series, and especially the Xrd family, enters by sight, it remains forever among the players for its game mechanics.

guilty_gear_xrd_revelator_2.jpg screenshot

We have four main attack buttons: punch, kick, slash and heavy slash. To all these is added Dust, which allows us to raise our opponent in the air to continue with more actions. There are also several movements such as dashes, backdashes, double jumps, high jumps, air blocks , grabs, instant blocks or the Blitz shield designed to block certain projectiles and attac


ks. A variety of basic house brand movements that allow you to create combos of all kinds thanks to features such as the Roman Cancel, which all


ows you to cancel a sequence, slow down the opponent and continue with a new attack, or the Psych Burts that allow you to create a wave of energy to separate the rival.

It is a game that allows some access to its basic combos, since the sequences of minor blows to major is easy to understand, and special is not too complicated, but it requires a lot of those who want to master the more than 20 characters, perfectly differ


entiated between them. Knowing how to manage the tension bar to use the Roman Cancel, the Overdrive (the devastating attacks par excellence) or other mechanics like the Blitz shield is key. We also have a very GG proposal: the Inst


ant Kills. We cancel the tension bar so that at a specific time we can launch an attack, which if connected, kills the enemy. An all or nothing risky but that has its point.

guilty.jpg screenshot

Changes in gameplay

The novelties of this new version are mainly of three types. The first of all is a new story mode that we can follow through several chapters. The story here is not interactive, so we are mere spectators of a narrative that combines dialogues, moving i

mages and also pieces worthy of anime. Although this may seem boring, the truth is that it brings a lot of personality and lore to the universe, forming


a story that makes us connect better with the characters. Of course, unfortunately the game comes entirely in English and that means we will see hundreds of lines of dialogue in that language.

The other two have to do with playable elements. On the one hand we have character balance changes, new movements for the characters


that were already in the template. We are talking about quite important changes in many characters, that add new movements and specials, that change properties (for example attacks that can now be blocked in the air and not before), frame ups in the launch


of actions, bigger hitboxes in certain movements, changes in the mechanics of combos (some attacks canceled in others have a less demanding timing), etc. There are between 5 and 10 changes per character, some more important than others.