Dragon Ball FighterZ

We are talking about one of the biggest problems that has been facing the fighting games of recent years, with Street Fighter Vto be a master builder, so putting your eye on a detail that is not so negligible is automatic: the audience that accompanies our characters, our fights, is incredibly detailed and offers a fundamental satisfaction in those few seconds that divide us since the beginning of the clash.

So, after analyzing what goes on behind ours, we get to the point of time, to the fight, on which the whole demo has been focused on. At our disposal there were six fighters, namely Goku, Vegeta and Gohan for the Saiyan, Freezer, Cell and Majin Buu for the antagonists: each one has a clearly different move-set and a varied balance.

Cell, for example, we have been presented as the most versatile and most balanced of the fighters in this demo: great in both short-range and long-range combat; Gohan, on the other hand, is not very strong in approaching the opponent, he can enjoy great impact attacks. In short, the depth of the roster is undoubtedly assured and we look forward to knowing who will actually be the fighters ready to go in the field and how many varieties we can enjoy: developers did not want to unburden about it, but we trust that Dragon Ball FighterZ can present the widest roster ever, enabling us to enjoy the Z-series experience. Whatever meant to the kids in the development team is that FighterZ could be contaminated even after the last series, 

Super, which among other things is returning to their unquestionable success at Dragon Ball in the collective imagination: in the trailer of the presentation, it was also possible to note the Golden Freezer, which in addition to the appearance in the OAV dedicated to him finds great space right in the last iteration of Toriyama manga, in the challenge against Goku Super Saiyan Blue. It is not to be excluded that in the final roster we will also find our Lord Bills, Arak, Champa and so on.

Choosing our team of three elements we went down on the battlefield, the first time on the Tenkaichi Tournament Arena and the second time on the Namecc Planet, testing among other things the destruction of the second, which has been allowed to evolve structural, after our blows, such as to turn it from a laughing planet immersed in green volcanic expanse similar to what it did as a scenario for the final fight between Freezer and Goku, rediscovered Super Saiyan.

From the same tournament arena we expected a similar destruction, which was limited to the launch of our opponent against the skyscrapers of Satan City, immediately ready to disintegrate at the stroke: elements that, however, unlike Namecc were left out of the battle scenario , are therefore only extemporaneous.