EA introduced the catalog at the request of players “The Sims 4: Smart Thread” – review

For several months Electronic arts conducted an experiment: compiled a catalog for The sims 4 according to requests and choice of players. Designers offered themes, options for new activities, furniture and clothing design, and what gained the most votes got into work.

And now the catalog is formed and ready for release. “The Sims 4: Elegant Thread“Will appear on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on July 28. Its customers will be able to teach their sims homemade knitting.

Especially for fans to equip with knitting needles it will be possible to build a cozy and convenient workshop from new pieces of furniture. And those who master this process will be able to knit not only clothes for family members, but also carpets, shelves, floor lamps, mailboxes and much more. And with a lack of skill, objects can turn out to be somewhat … strange.

Surplus knitwear can be sold online. And another innovation will be rocking chairs, they will first appear in this part of the series.

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