Players of The Sims 4 chose the style of the future catalog “Creativity and crafts” – review

Company Electronic arts continues to experiment with extensions to the famous life simulator The sims 4. And now the creators have announced the final of the next stage of voting for the composition of the future game catalog “Creativity and crafts“.
At this stage, the players chose the theme of the upcoming expansion. And out of the three options presented, the majority chose the artistic style “Creative leisure”, the modern “Do it yourself” workshop.

At the end of January, a new round of voting will take place. In it you have to choose outfits for sims and objects that fall into the character editor. Artists have already begun to prepare their sketches. And in March, furniture and other game objects will be brought to the court of players. After this, it remains only to determine the name and logo of the catalog.

Since the final stage of voting is scheduled for April, the catalog should be released by summer. Meanwhile, on January 21, it will be possible to buy the catalog “The Sims 4: Compact Life»Which will allow to build mini-houses and place compact furniture in them.