Jenny LeClue review – Detectivu

The classic adventure genre has been undergoing a renaissance for several years now – all thanks to affordable technology and the work of small enthusiastic studios that pamper us with not only high-quality projects, but also real masterpieces.

Jenny LeClue – Detectivu takes it one step further towards an interactive story with deep meaning and charming characters. The sleepy town of Arthurton lives an unhurried life where the worst crime is an unfinished coffee or a stolen sandwich.

And all because the person who invented this miraculous city and its inhabitants is a children’s writer who has published thirty detective novels about a sweet girl Jenny and her friends.

But the audience is tired of sugary children’s books, circulations are falling, and the author, under pressure from the editor, is forced to release the novel that the publisher expects of him: with crimes, blood and dangerous incidents.

In this multidimensional project, the player is present as the third force that directly controls the restless Jenny and between the chapters can change the writer’s plans, changing the course of the interactive story.

The eternal philosophical question (does the author create the world and the hero or does the hero create the author and reality) is part of the gameplay here. Jenny may not agree with the sugary choice of a children’s playwright, and he may interfere with her personal story.

You also play the role of an invisible angel of inspiration, which can change the nature of Jenny and her relationship with people around her through decision-making and the style of responses to other heroes.

This sounds, of course, more complicated than everything looks directly in the game, because in the world of Jenny LeClue you do the same thing as in a hundred other adventures: you travel around locations, solve problems and choose options for key events or answers.

In the research part, you can use a magnifying glass and find a plot object hidden in the background or a collection sticker. Or examine the character and the crime scene and draw the right conclusions, combining the options for the relationship of evidence.