The authoritative media set The Witcher 0 points, without bothering to watch the series

Critics greeted season oneThe witcher“Mixed reviews: some really liked the series, while others did the opposite. However Entertainment weekly managed distinguish oneself.

The series was evaluated by a couple of journalists, Darren Franich and Kristen Baldwin. Both shows did not like almost from the first minutes – they scold the narrative structure, complex names (among them – kikimora and Blaviken), the presence of nudity, Geralt’s wig and the characters of some characters.

In particular, Lyutik got it, which, according to journalists, the scriptwriters did not even bother to call, so they also do not mention the hero by name in the review.

After far-fetched claims, both authors decide … to skip two episodes, immediately including the fifth. Clear business, they too were dissatisfied with it.

Both critics decided not to watch the series, because “life is too short to spend it on Netflix dramas” and it would be better if the leaders of the streaming cinema left the “cheaper and more entertaining” The Good Cop on the air.

It can be concluded that both journalists wanted to see a fairly simple series, which can be watched “without straining” in the evening after work, but they got a rather complicated drama where you need to follow the story, and all the information about the world is not always delivered directly.

At the end of the first episode, Princess Tsiri says that Geralt is her destiny. In the fifth episode, people continue to say that Geralt is her fate. I guess they will meet at the end of the season. Alas, my fate is never to watch this skukofest.

Kristen Baldwin

The first season of The Witcher consists of eight episodes, most of which last about 60 minutes.