The Witcher showrunner is not worried about critics – review

The minuses turned out to be complicated names like kikimora, the presence of nudity, Geralt’s bad wig, annoying Buttercup, sloppy narrative structure and general dullness.

However the show runner of the series Lauren Hissrich not worried because of such upstarts, since she is primarily interested in the feedback and impressions of fans, who still watched the series before summing up.

Many viewers in awe asked me if I was concerned about the Witcher reviews.

What do you think, whose opinion is more important to me: “professional” critics who watched the episode and scrolled further, or real fans who watched all eight episodes in one day, starting to review them?

I’m damn HAPPY.

Lauren Hissrich

The first season of The Witcher came out on Friday, returning the interest of players – many again began to play “Wild hunt“, Increasing simultaneous online to June 2016, when the expansion”Blood and wine“.

Filming of the second season of the show starts at the beginning of next year, but the release should not be expected before 2023.