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This Is the Police 2 Review

Authors dissembled when told that This Is the Police 2 will become an independent game.

In fact, it is a direct continuation of the first part, another chapter in the life of the hero cop Jack Boyd.

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He was declared the federal wanted list, because of what he had to go to the north, in the town Sharpwood.

Although the quiet life he found there – is it that has become.

In fact, the chief of the police department of 3 and again got involved in the war against crime.

In general, concerns increased. Not only that Jack should be a weekly pay of $ 20 thousand “old friends” in order to protect themselves from the FBI, so also the mood in the sector is now necessary to follow. To work to stay in the black, and could not sleep.

Every game day Boyd becomes angrier and more cynical.

He seems to be the duty performed, but at the same time trying to save his own skin.

About to clear the name of the question – he just wants to hold out a little longer.

Do not sit in jail and not be killed by bullets Sharpwood on the streets full of bandits.

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Problems are added and employees of the Department.

They are now – personality, each with its own character and wild manners.

However, no files in This Is the Police 2 there, so other cops have to learn directly during operation.

Someone often takes place at the service of a drunk, someone refuses to have anything to do with women.

And the third and all calls to his team-mate was as professional as he was.

Either way, you should always be ready for surprises and that the staff will try to hang from the work.

Another innovation – the ability to pump the cops.

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This affects how the mission will take place. In the past the police just came to the place of calling the game, it is necessary to do and left.

Now, almost always have options and they depend on the skills of your employees.

You can, for example, thrash bandit with a rubber truncheon or speak his teeth and tie relaxed.

That is, if the skill level will allow, or offender can escape and be good if no one touches.

When you send the cops to the challenges, it is necessary to ensure that they have enough to cover the minimum level of professionalism, and they will not go. Sometimes it infuriates – as to the desired level are missing a couple of dozen points, for example.

In This Is the Police 2, by the way, somewhere I have got special forces.

Instead it is a sniper photographer. No doubt, helpful staff, but it manages to work very often.

All these minor changes designed to diversify the routine that they have, however, does not always work out.

But the main feature of the new game – tactical battle in the spirit of XCOM.

They need to use weapons and gadgets wisely use cops to pick up the skills and perks.

In addition, we have to ensure that as a staff member refers to the hero.

Because unreliable cop just send Jack and will do battle whatever he wants.

And if the relationship with other police – a complicated matter, then with all the skills much easier.

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Physically strong staff to easily drag any material evidence, hardy – more running around.

The cops with a high level of secrecy is more difficult to notice.

But negotiators are able to convince the bandits and save the time of the explosion bomb with a timer (do not ask!).

In general, there is no useless skills – will have to be pumped, anyway everyone somewhere handy. Tactical tasks range from the obvious to the criminals running around for the release of hostages and bombs demining operations.

Hostage hardest. From the first time to perform such a task almost certainly will not work.

Because the card is small, and the enemies can hear almost every rustle. If the cops did find perish hostage.

We have to wait a few turns until the patrols will be to look for the best routes and a lot to think ahead.

With such tasks can hardly get bored.

Add variety and small game events such as competitions for the best weeks of the police.

Card games with colleagues or attempts to sell the drugs found in the morgue.

Although substances can not sell it – whether it is useful enough.

In This Is the Police 2 studio familiar mechanics retaining key features of the first part – exciting plot and attractive atmosphere.

Nevertheless, despite all the efforts of developers to diversify the usual formula, at ten o’clock in the game tired.

And even the plot develops slowly. Let’s see what will happen next – all of a sudden more new gameplay chips will appear!

15 hours: development of the plot, and two new gameplay mechanics

The plot in This Is the Police Line 2 – none of your decisions will not move it either to the left or to the right.

And that in itself is fine, but here at some point begins to happen is some bullshit.

One of the cops hero provides wager that those who earn more in a week “tongues” of beer cans (currency for the recruitment of police), will manage the department.

Can not refuse to win, as it turned out, too.

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Collect “tongues” is simple – it is necessary to respond to the challenges and to unravel the case.

At first it seems that the victory will be for Boyd if done correctly, the day he will be getting a lot more piece of iron than his opponent, and by the end of the sixth day of the gap between them will be more than one hundred and fifty in “tongues.”

And then all of a sudden the enemy Jack draped over 200 points – say, ha ha, the player, but you have not mastered.

That is why his opponent brazenly throw glasses – it seems the developers and not think that anyone at all can win.

Well, it’s a bug or so, but that, of course, not lechge.

In short, the protagonist loses bet, because it is necessary to the story. As a result, Boyd put in a bad light, then it, believe me, do not deserve.

Like in this way expand the story? to come up with another way to humiliate the hero.

And so it all looks very strange.

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It came exactly two new chips – the need to choose the food cops (and pay out of pocket) and dismantling gangs Sharpwood.

But the second – it is something else: we must first grasp the bandit, to question him (or pull information torture) and then proceed to the next investigation. Although some imitation of real police work.

Nevertheless, questions remain to the stupidity of the scenario associated with betting.

Is that all it was? This Is the Police 2 – not a film about the B category of police officers from a remote village.

It was possible to invent a fork.