This Is the Police

This Is the Police , as well as many, passed through a sieve of a Kickstarter, where, however, has collected only half of the required amount.

Then the developers found support in the face of the publisher Team17 , which helped a lot with nothing, but eventually ceased cooperation. But here, hands Weappy Studio is not dropped – they were able to interest the project of the company Nordic Games and EuroVideo Medien and still brought the game to mind.

Formally, we face a strategy and manager all rolled into one, a kind of simulator work of the police department of the fictional town of Friborg. Given the recent events in the US, where the cops kill blacks, and those – Police on rallies, This Is the Police

It could be described as very relevant, directly still topical, especially since there is also occasionally have to suppress all demonstrations, including with the participation of African Americans.

But the action of This Is the Police deployed in 1984, and the authors say, look at things more widely. They cover all the typical ailments of any police department in almost every country – here and corruption, and links with the mafia and the need to be torn between their own interests and the interests of the residents, city officials and gangsters, and the problem of recruitment when subordinates ever drink or “digging” at your place, and constant checks and uncomfortable questions from journalists …

Every day, our protagonist, police chief of Friborg Dzhek Boyd, sent on the global map police units to investigate or prevent crimes – murder, fights, robberies, rapes, some domestic quarrel.

This circuit is generally simple: the more cops send the call, and the more they are competent, the greater the chance that they will return alive, having successfully completed its mission and increase their level of professionalism. In special cases, the rescue squad can call SWAT.

The more successful you act, the less law enforcement officers and civilians are killed, the more money you get and the closer to the ultimate goal – to earn himself for six months in his pocket 500,000 dollars.

This Is the Police game review

About what is happening in the city and some of the consequences of your decisions can be found in newspapers.

Film noir

, but actually This Is the Police tells not only and not so much about the management of the wisdoms, more or less (depending on you), a corrupt police department, how much personal drama of Jack Boyd. There is a very interesting, gloomy story, designed in the style of noir.

I must say that Ilya Yanovich was in Belarus on a director, so it’s generally very sinefilskaya game. Residents of Friborg go to the movies on “Stranger Than Paradise” Dzhima Dzharmushand (Jim Jarmusch) and “Citizen Kane” (and sometimes set fire to cinemas), employees are asked to periodically Boyd star in some movie about the police, and he constantly talks about himself and his work sad, tired voice characters typical nuar- films based on the novels of Raymond Chandler (Raymond Chandler).

Smiles is really small. Jack sixty, his wife left him for a young lover, best friend got engaged him in some kind of mafia showdowns, and most of his six months to send in resignation. No wonder that Boyd each morning, before the day, listening to blues or jazz, drink, sitting on some tablets and rude, despite the authorities.

In fact, in the saddle, Jack kept only two wishes – to return to his wife and half to earn a “decent pension.” And he is free not to embarrass myself in the choice of methods, how to achieve this. Life forces become corrupt in uniform – it is possible to hide the fact of the death of any of his subordinates, to some time to get the municipal money for these “dead souls”, it is possible to carry out orders on the side or order the mafia, to help one of the factions in the war of gangs, and sell weapons, jewels, drugs.

Long ignored the local authorities simply will not work, or after some time, Jack will get a bullet in the forehead. But you can not overdo it – otherwise the city authorities or some regular commission collected for libel subordinates prematurely pulled back and sent into retirement. Therefore, the whole game, we are forced to sit on two chairs, maneuvering between the different interests and make decisions that directly affect the final of this whole grim story. Whose orders and how to do, whether to use force to disperse demonstrations, how to answer questions from reporters – you decide.