Producer Barbara Broccoli: James Bond can be any color but not a woman

Longtime ProducerBondians Barbara Broccoli finally formulated the casting rules for the role James bond. According to a franchise veteran, a cult secret agent can be played by a person with any skin color, but not a woman.

“Skin color can be any, but he [Джеймс Бонд] should always remain a man, “Broccoli said in an interview with Variety.” It seems to me that for women we need to create new characters, strong heroines. I am not interested in taking a male character and giving this role to a woman. Making a new female character is much more interesting than taking that step. “

The article also says that Broccoli and her half brother Michael J. Wilson, who have the last word in almost everything regarding the James Bond franchise, at one time they decided to thoroughly shake the image of Bond that has developed over the years by Daniel Craig’s casting. The choice of producers helped portray a more “realistic” Bond, reflecting the challenges of the 21st century.

“The world has clearly changed. After September 11th, the stakes got higher and we felt that we needed a more realistic Bond. He [Дэниэл Крэйг] added to the character flesh and blood, while in the novels Bond is only a silhouette. Daniel gave him depth and inner life. We were looking for a hero of the 21st century, and he coped with it perfectly. His version of Bond is bleeding, crying; it is very modern. “

It’s Not Time To Die will be the last film in which Daniel Craig portrays James Bond. The premiere of the tape in the Russian Federation will take place April 9th.

The title song for the film will be performed by 18-year-old American singer Billy Elish. The soundtrack is Hans Zimmer.

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