Pillars of Eternity

Role play usually begins with character creation – and Pillars of Eternity is not an exception. As expected, there is given a choice of many ready-heads and hair, but the biggest concern is still present hyperlinks, which, since the description of classes, races and cultures. While doing the protagonist biography, you get an introduction into the world of the Eora.

About half an hour I saturate Cultural Information

He penetrated into differences between island and coastal aumaua (a sort Na’Vi with shark teeth and Polynesian names). Understood why órlanov – eared piebald hobbits – oppress all other races (due obliging temper and inability to get off in the crowd).

Wondering whether to make God-like character – a humanoid, which heredity pokorezhili otherworldly forces – recalls tieflings and aasimarov in Planescape: Torment, which were obtained from sex with devils and angels, respectively. Children of the Gods nebestalanny: B-fire gopodobny can light fixtures without a torch.

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Alas, flaming or mossy subject scares inhabitants and attracts attention

So in the end my glavgeroy became a human mage. Of course, Pillars of Eternity has unique classes. For example, song, turned out to be an ordinary soldier, sing songs, and give bonuses to allies. There Cypher – such as pointing souls of allies and enemies, but in fact ordinary psionic.

A magician – he PoE carries a grimoire (a beautiful book-cot with spells) and can (once per fight) someone to make her strong. And the spell is very pretentious – lightning from the hands of a la Palpatine, distracting fireworks (Gandalf “Land of the Dead”!) And vampiric staff (!).

Tie-dye distinct advantages over other mage classes should not distract us from the epoch. When the actual game, I felt a slight shock (presumably cultural). NPC hardly move, fire similar to the painted hearth on the wall near the Pope Carlo, all the little gray …

This is where it is important to remind ourselves that the Pillars of Eternity is made of retro technology (two-dimensional hand-drawn backdrops, pseudo heroes and monsters), a bit of getting used to and … then everything will be fine. Because the action in the Pillars of Eternity picks up immediately.

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It all starts with a fairly banal receptions. “The enemies burned his village, until we went to pick berries” and “saved through uncharted dungeon horrible low-level monsters.”

But the situation has corrected when we pile on the burden of the plot: the hero gets the ability to communicate with the souls of the living and the dead, and pulling reliving memories of their current life and past.

A painful process both for the character and for us – during a session of the screen glows sickening shades of purple, the headphones sounded unintelligible whisper. Atmospheric!

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To create an atmosphere works and how the hero gets to the first human settlement for us – the lonely, shivering under the night rain, bitten by wolves, bandits chopped. Restlessness character passed to me – so hung with the bodies of the tree on the central square of the town impressed (though I survived the Red wedding).

What is remarkable, not only sets the scene on a serious way ( “a game that nuarny!”). It gives impetus to the development of the plot. Biavaki (winds coming off the soul from the body), the local laws of reincarnation (soul can be crushed), a strange disease (children are born without souls),

Adra (polurastenie-polumineral whose formation climb out of the ground everywhere in the vicinity) – all this is due to genocide, which the local feudal lord gave the unfortunate peasants. And with the old conflict between settlers and Aboriginal people, and with the recent uprising, arranged local messiah. All this is pretty motivated to read books that we gather in churches and Donjon.