Top games games for those who like Frostpunk

Oxygen Not Included

 If in Frostpunk constantly there is not enough food for townspeople and coal for a heat gun, then in Oxygen Not( first in our top games) Included you will experience an eternal deficiency of oxygen. Still – it’s a game about building a small colony inside the asteroid!

Moreover, this is the game of the studio Klei (Do not Starve, Mark of the Ninja), so it looks appropriate, although the gameplay is more like Terraria or SteamWorld Dig.

That is, the heroes have to dig a lot inside the heavenly body and build everything there to stretch a little longer.

Beds, machines for processing extracted resources, devices that produce oxygen, and that’s it.

In addition, we should not forget about the electricity, without which no piece of iron will not work.

And the temperature, otherwise the characters can either freeze to death, or burn alive alive.

Despite the fact that Oxygen Not Included is not a strategy like Frostpunk, the key idea is exactly the same. To play, you need to develop a colony, but you will have to do it in spite of and through suffering, because every five minutes there is some new problem that negates half of your achievements.

By the way, Oxygen Not Included is similar to the free adaptation of the first third of the novel “Glass Jack” by Adam Roberts.

There, several characters, also trapped inside the asteroid.

Are forced with the help of outdated technology to extract oxygen and expand space.

Circumstances, however, in the book were much tougher: the characters in it.

Not the colonists, but dangerous criminals, with all the consequences.

Post-apocalypse, the last human city, an irresistible desire to withstand a crushing external threat. Enough to compare this game with Frostpunk, right?

But They Are Billions(second in our top games) is also a strategy, and even in a steampunk setting.

Other conditions, however, are different: the apocalypse was due to the fact that almost.

The entire population of the planet turned into a zombie.

And now the survivors need to build a defense in the last surviving city.

Then one after another to repulse several waves of the living dead.

They Are Billions is similar to Frostpunk also its main principle – the stronger the desire to survive, the more problems will arise.

Zombies could continue to sit somewhere in the forests, if the remnants of people did not begin to build cars that work for a couple and crash attracting ghouls.

Therefore, the more active your town grows, the more walking corpses will come to its walls.

And the fight against them is not a first-priority issue, first we need to establish food production.

Build Tesla towers that produce electricity, take care of infrastructure and build walls.

And only after that it makes sense to seriously take up the creation of an army, which can include huge robots.

Now They Are Billions is in “early access” Steam, and it has only one mode – Survival Mode. Until the end of this spring, developers promise to add a story campaign, but they are still silent about the release of the full version.

Surviving Mars

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Surviving Mars – the strategy is much less stressful than Frostpunk.

But it’s still a game about surviving in an alien environment.

In this case – on the surface of Mars.

The construction of a colony on another planet entails obvious troubles – a shortage of air and other resources (iron, concrete, water).

Some natural disasters like dust storms or meteoroids that can damage the dome under which people live.

And the breakdown of major energy sources .

Surviving Mars adds one more calamity to this, colonists possessing something of a character.

In fact, everything is simpler – people who flew to Mars have a number of advantages and disadvantages that somehow affect their behavior.

For example, vegans (yes, there are vegan) can easily get used to the fact that there is nowhere to produce meat in the colony, and all the discontented can constantly fly back to Earth.

In general, it is not enough to solve the main problems.

We also need to follow the colonists, otherwise they will all simply be offended.

However, doing this is not so difficult as in Frostpunk.

So Surviving Mars is a great option first of all for those who have frozen several cities and are tired of this a little bit.

The Long Dark

At a certain stage of the city’s development in Frostpunk it is possible to equip the expedition and send it outside the ice ravine – to find additional resources.

So The Long Dark – it’s as if the studio 11 bit created an action in the universe of its strategy and offered to play for a member of one of those same expeditions.

It is clear that The Long Dark is very different from the Frostpunk in terms of atmosphere and atmosphere.

But everything else is just the point.

Around – cold and snow, the hero needs to constantly warm up, sleep and eat.

Otherwise he will die of something, clothes wear out and break.

Yes, all this is a simulator of survival in conditions of low temperatures.

In August last year, the first episodes of the story campaign The Long Dark came out, but this element is the weakest in the game.

He is not very interesting, and he lacks freedom, because the hero is forced to follow some strange goals all the time.

Survival mode is quite another matter, it is in it that the game opens up completely and works as it should – encourages the player to do everything to save the character’s life.


Realistic to the limit Banished is an example of the fact that developers do not need additional conditions like a frosty apocalypse to create a complex strategy for the survival of a group of people.

Because in this game there is no fiction – just an ordinary village and peasants who will surely die if you do not solve their simple, human problems.

In Banished everything starts with a few people, some resources and a dense forest.

Where the villagers will build a village.

And again: the longer their settlement lasts, the more misfortunes they incur.

First extraction of resources – someone you send to sow a crop, somebody else – for firewood. And then comes the next time of the year, and the conditions change, because, let’s say.

There is no sense in heating houses with logs in summer. And the crop for some reason half failed – that’s enough food.

When you deal with these problems, it turns out that the peasants give birth to children, and children grow up. A

nd if they do not help them in resettlement.

They simply will not leave their parents.

They will not lead a family, and in a generation your village will die out of old age.

When you solve this question, it turns out that there are dozens of others ahead. And the end of them in Banished is not visible.