Nights of Azure 2

A half-demon rider

The story is set after the events of the first chapter: Aluche, Curia Agent (the organization fighting the demons), is commissioned to lead the beloved Liliana from “Moon Queen” to sacrifice her, making her become the new “bride of the time “And can stop the Queen at the same time, though unfortunately they can not reach their destination.
Our protagonist will be killed on the field, later coming to life as a half-demon by a procedure that has given him new powers but which made him even more vulnerable, forcing him not to be out to fight for too long .
Since sunbathing, the sun has not risen anymore: now all the days are dark and since Aluche also possesses demonic blood he has become able to see a curious blue moon that will help us to take into account the time left to our disposal. When it becomes completely dark, in fact, there will be nothing to do and the world will be condemned; we will have to manage the days at our disposal so that we can not find ourselves with the breath on the neck.

Time is precious

The ” time limits ” play a crucial role in the game: we too will be extremely experienced because of our new abilities and we will be able to stay out for a short time (initially only 10 minutes on mission, but they can increase by leveling up) , thus obliging us to carefully choose where to go, who to go and whether to concentrate on certain quests at our disposal or to go ahead with the plot. The title is strongly ctioned with some mechanics derived from RPGs: You can attack using light and heavy attack combinations, using special combinations with our desired partner and Servan skills.
These are demons that have kept their personality and who have chosen to fight at our side, already in the previous title: in this case 4 have been reduced to 2; among the various Servan available there are some that turn into real weapons, usable for a while but more powerful than the standard one and with new sets of moves.
The idea behind the use of different monsters is original, but we think it has been penalized by some game design choices : in fact, there are several unlockable areas available in the game levels, only by using some of them (eg fire to burn the stumps on our path or electricity to absorb electric fields), thus penalizing who should choose to use monsters that do not are elemental.
Nights of Azure 2, the review of the new battle against demons

The night is dark and full of demons

If our partner is able to gain levels automatically by taking it with us, our protagonist and Servan’s speech is different: we have to offer blue blood (collected by demons defeated) to start a purification process that will allow us to stay out for a long time and gain skill points, to spend to gain useful boosts; for our comrades instead to complete the missions means earning the Servan Points, to be assigned to their different characteristics to enhance them and raise them to level.
The gameplayit can be simple, fast and entertaining at the same time, although it should be emphasized not a few repetition given the presence of a few levels and the presence of time constraints and those that force them to do multiple consecutive times the same areas; Moreover, the game challenge is not sufficiently demanding at the normal level and the difficult difficulty (here called extreme) is unlockable only after completing the game once, definitely questionable choice.
The plot of Nights of Azure 2 also leaves much to be desired, and although character design has hit us positively, the characters of the characters fall into the classic stereotypes that Japanese products have often used to us. Another of the more positive aspects is definitely the The soundtrack of the game, adapted to the different situations of the game and memorable even at a distance of time, and we point out that longevity also stands out on good standards, lasting more than 20 hours focusing on sidequests.