In the second season of The Witcher, the plot will become more focused, and the characters will begin to intersect with each other more often

Netflix extended The Witcher for the second season, even before the first, which some viewers and critics are now scolding for some fragmentation of the episodes. According to the show runner of the series Lauren Hissrich (Lauren Hissrich), there will be no such problem next season.

In an interview for GamesRadar Hissrich stated:

I can tell you that in the second season, the great thing is that from the point of view of the scenario, the story becomes much more focused. The plot will become more dynamic, because all the relationships that we built in the first season will begin to bear fruit.

Hissrich she also hinted that in the second season the TV show would deviate from the approach in which the main characters (Geralt, Tsiri and Yennifer) were divided most of the series:

Characters will begin to see each other and interact with each other. Sometimes these meetings will go well, and sometimes not so. All those building blocks that we created for the world will finally begin to assemble into something more specific.

In addition, the showrunner once again confirmed that she has plans for seven seasons. The Witcher:

We know exactly what we want to do. As screenwriters, we think, “Oh, it can happen at the end of the third season” – or “It will happen in the seventh season.” The bottom line is that we have a ton of raw material. We could write the show for a very, very long time.

In addition, in his “Twitter” Hissrich She said that she was not worried about negative press reviews about the series, and she seemed to fake Entertainment Weekly, which wrote its review based on only three episodes. As the showrunner noted, for her, the reaction of the fans is more important:

Many people kindly asked me if I was upset by the reviews on The Witcher.

Who do you think I should listen to: “professional” critics who watched one episode and skipped the rest, or REAL fans who watched all eight episodes in one day and had already begun to review them?

I’m damn happy!