Dead Cells game

Review of Dead Cells Game

Dead Cells game  enjoys a very good reputation in the Steam and earned the praise of Western critics.

And then, and more easily understandable.

Firstly, for the year in the game in Early Access developers of the Motion Twin only doing what fanservisa for hardcore fans of bagels.

According to the chief designer , 50% of the content in Dead Cells game appeared influenced by user feedback.

As a result, I find it difficult to name any other game genre, in which the authors have managed to cram such a huge number of combat mechanic to extremely narrow categories of players.

Secondly, Dead Cells game can be guaranteed to pass “from and to” set aside for to get acquainted with the game and writing reviews 20-30 hours – a very rare quality for a full roguelike.

At first glance, Dead Cells game present everything for that game so extol: retro pixel art with modern special effects, stylized once all your favorite fantasy game music, a huge, adjusted to the last pixel combat mechanism and the incredible complexity that can crush even a veteran of the genre.

About art and music, I talk in the end about how the least controversial (but also do not represent anything outstanding) elements.

Dead Cells game

The spread of weapons and combat mechanic strikes – apart from the usual swords, axes and firearms (which here disguised as “crossbows, shotguns” and “bow-guns’) have shields” in Dark Souls », whips straight from Sastlevania and even the ability to kick enemies spiked boots like in the cult hit eight-Kick Master 1992 of release.

Weapons can be upgraded to give light weight and random effects.

As a result of which the opposition does not die just like that, and in pain.

Bleeding, suffering from poisoning and eaten by carnivorous worms.

And even in the fire, ice, and under the effect of slowing down.

Each sword, bow or whip endowed his manner of battlefield.

We have not yet begun to deal with the return of arrows and blocks and parries system.

All this trash heap of weapons clearly came into play “by popular demand”.

Nothing is balanced. Something working perfectly from the first level, something requires immediate upgrade or a long learning.

And without a number of mechanics  in the Dead Cells game fine would cost all but the most hardcore enthusiasts exactly this type of transmission.

But this in itself is not so bad – at least, the developers have done a great job over the animations and physics use combat junk.

Tactilely in the game is equally a pleasure to use and the smallest onion, and a huge war hammer.

The first suspicions creep in when it comes to the final boss, never use the button “fire”. They are strengthened when you repeat the whole process, never touching the “punch” button. And when you reach the final boss, never touching neither the one nor the other button … then it already can not escape it: despite all the praise from grateful players with the combat system of the game is something fundamentally wrong.

The thing is that the weapons arsenal of the hero Dead Cells game is not limited. It has two slots for aids – traps or grenades.

Pomegranates with different effects – another absolutely superfluous in the game mechanics for a narrow category of players, so we will not consider and discuss the traps.

This classic turrets and traps, saws and other delaying or tearing enemies apart adaptation of mobile games.

In which you along the path is a long queue leisurely zombies.

I can not stand the tower defense and did not even think to use traps.

I was going to take place as the Dead Cells game Bloodborne, with rifts and easiest weapon.

But after one or two hundreds of a shameful death.

I still tried to put automatic thrower of a circular saw and did not have time to look back as completely ceased to use a gun.

This is not the style of passage – is a universal strategy that works anytime.

Anywhere except for the final battle where you purposely locked up in a small room with an army of elite enemies.

In the fight against ordinary opponents you jump into the room, you put two traps.

Fall back and wait quietly until ognement with circular saw recycle the contents of the room.

In the battle with the boss throw automatic crossbow and chainsaw in a strategically advantageous position and fully focus on departures from enemy attacks until damazhat traps.

If you are using traps, you can die only in the case of gross violation of safety in the operation of stripping tools dungeons.

Over enemies in Dead Cells game also work very hard, planning surprises for the different categories of players.

Love as quickly as possible to run on the level.

There is teleporting enemies who will catch up and hacked in the back.

Weigh every action and long routes studying enemies.

Will sooner or later arrive grenade or small phasing leech.

If mastered jumps, rolls and can intelligently drop-pop laced with evil spirits area.

Placing a trap there, 90% of the dangers of eroding.

It remains teleports animals , but they can also be competently “take” by moving the trap into a new corridor and dragging on it here and there in vain pursuing you monsters.

Review of Dead Cells game

The feeling of flying on the crest of a wave, balancing on a razor’s edge in those few minutes, or even seconds.

When you have time to pump, to find normal weapons, armor, amulets and feel like the coolest in the whole maze.

For a long time it did not last – they will kill you and you pass game. All have to start from scratch .

What difference does it have killed you on the first level.

Or at the last boss … the charge you have received.

The Dead Cells game such emotions arise only in one case – when did you first come to the unknown level.

And do not know what they are capable local enemies.

Designers throw up quite pleasantly dastardly tricks: somewhere levels generated horizontally.

Somewhere – vertically, somewhere there is always a huge cell.

Which does not expect anything but enemies and death.

Somewhere you need to go in the other accident generated layers and find there the key of the door to the original maze.

But it all works as long as you do not draw a map of the level and do not understand the principle of its generation.


And the secrets of the most dangerous  level passage turns into a monotonous, safe sweep of traps.

Moreover, if you suddenly have to fight due to some unforeseen circumstances.

We find that even the basic skills with you sword and bow had atrophy!

Games like The Binding of Isaac showed that in the roguelike genre, you can tell amazing stories.

Enter the Gungeon proved that even with a minimal plot.

You can create a brilliant game at the expense of complexity and uncompromising intelligent, creative and honest design bosses.

So you do not need to do Dead Cells game discounts on the genre, to “bagels in so accepted.”

Developers simply spent a lot of time on the most insignificant aspects of the game without having done or having thrown halfway elements through which weapons would be fun to use on enemies and bosses.

If you buy Dead Cells in Steam, then after the initial excitement, she lost in your library.

At first, all may seem addictive, but if you do not run the game a couple of days.

You most likely will not be the reasons and the desire to return to it.

Dead Cells game not intriguing story or gradual exploration of the world.

It does not offer an interesting progression of levels and bosses, for which you would like.

It’s just another, not the worst, but absolutely pass “bagel” with inflated reputation.

The Switch is not so simple. Despite the high price of the Nintendo-store.

Dead Cells game very playable in a handheld-mode.

When you need to kill 10-20 minutes on something that does not require any mental or physical effort.

In this case, the simulator arrangement of mousetraps is perfect.

And you will find that in your hands the most authentic mobile kazualki that developers so carefully masked.