Battle for Azeroth

Alliance vs Horde History

This is the world of “Warcraft”! It is worth the chief boss of the addition to leave – the old unions are collapsing, and people with orcs remember that there can be no peace between them. But it was not always so.

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If you touch Warcraf for the first time,I’ll tell you just what really started the endless war between the Horde and the alliance vs horde, the Reds and the Blue, the people and the orcs.

Almost forty years have passed since the opening of the Dark Portal – an event that put an end to the quiet life in Azeroth.

On that day, a horde of bloodthirsty monsters, called orcs, poured from the magical gates woven by the secret magic of demons.

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With one goal – to destroy the native world of elves, tauren, trolls and dozens of other intelligent races.

In this context, it may seem that the orcs themselves are the true antagonists, and if they were not there, everything in Azeroth would immediately be adjusted.

But from the very beginning he was doomed to wallow in endless wars: the elemental lords in ancient times tore up the lands of this world in parts in their war for power.

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The ancient gods tried to infect the planet with their bad, the demons made flaming hikes, the tribes of the trolls conducted their dark rituals and called the terrible gods from other worlds.

This world has never been the abode of harmony and kindness.

Alas, even among people who seemed to be on the defensive, there were those who were plotting against their brothers.

Such a man was Medivh – the greatest of sorcerers, whose mind was clouded by the leader of the army of demons called Sargeras.

He made his way into the wizard’s mind when he was still in his mother’s womb, and over the years the influence of the demon grew stronger.

It was Medivh who opened on Azeroth a portal that “called” the orcs into our world. At the same time, the orcs themselves were only puppets.

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They were promised a new house to replace the old dying planet Draenor, but instead the demons enslaved them and created out of the nomads who once worshiped the hunt and spirits of the elements, the blind bloodthirsty monsters.

Alliance vs.  Horde: History of the legendary conflict.  - Image 2

But there were among them those who still honored the concepts of honor and dignity.

It is they who ultimately will give life to the new Horde Orgrim Hammer of the Rock Horda.

Let the war of the orcs and people not end, at least with the death of the previous leaders and Medivh itself, and the dark demonic rule ended.

It was then that we saw the true shape of the Horde – lost tortured souls in a foreign world, who lost their native lands.

They were like street children, angry at the whole world of street children.

People saw them as a threat, especially after one of their main capitals, Stormwind (the same, yes,) fell.

Her king was traitorously killed by the half-star Garona, whom he considered his friend and informant.

The people of the kingdom fled to distant northern lands.

To Lordaeron, where he encountered the real game of thrones:

Anduin Lothar – proudly called the lion.

The general of the army of people and the best friend of King Stormwind.

Fell at the hands of the new leader of the Horde.

But instead of escaping from the battlefield.

The army rallied even more, and its banner was carried by a paladin named Turalyon.

He captured Orgrim and pushed the orcs away from the Black Mountain to the Dark Portal.

There, the final battle took place.

And the warlock with his henchmen fled the sea.

To the tomb of his lord Sargeras, where he died at the hands of demons.

For years, Orgrim gave way to the leader of the young shaman Thrall.

And the skirmishes of the greenskins and people did not always end in battle.

But the disturbing news from the north and the mysterious visions of the shamans hinted at the early return of old friends.

The demons of the Burning Legion.

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To Thrall, Mediv himself appeared and threatened with extinction if he did not go with his orcs to the distant shores of Kalimdor on the other side of the world.

There, according to the sorcerer.

He was waiting for the old allies and professional killers of demons .

And if the Horde could persuade such a desperate step.

The alliance vs horde only withdrew its nose.

He simply did not believe that, in addition to the orcs, they could still have enemies.

Alliance vs.  Horde: History of the legendary conflict.  - Image 3



At that moment, people realized that alone they are nothing, they can not defeat the Horde for the second time, if that catches up. So was born the Alliance – the community of human kingdoms – which still suffered from periodic attacks of the Orc clans, but a little lull in the realities of the “Warcraft” could be called peaceful time.

In parallel, the young prince Arthas Menethil.

Along with his mentor Uter Luminous and beloved Jaina Proudmoore.

Pursued the mysterious cultists responsible for outbreaks of the epidemic in neighboring regions.

He even had to go to a desperate step and cut out the whole city of Stratholme, so as not to let the contagion go.

This turning point in the history of the alliance vs horde will forever remain in memory as a day of shame.

Yes, the prince was frankly weak and his greed made itself felt.

It turned out that all this time he was hunting not at the cultists.

But at the demons that were literally put into his hands by the accursed blade of Frostmourne.

He killed his mentor Uther and Terenas Menethil’s father.

King of Lordaeron, the girl abandoned him.

And he betrayed the paladin class treacherously to the knight of death.

And so, with the death of the king, Lordaeron plunged into darkness for a long time.

Jaina also met Medivh, who also sent her to Kalimdor.

There she met the Horde of Thrall and the Thunder of Hellscream.

And only thanks to the Medivh they did not interrupt each other.

And so, from sworn enemies, orcs and humans became temporary allies in the face of the Burning Legion.

Alliance vs.  Horde: History of the legendary conflict.  - Picture 4

Jaina Proudmur


The whole third part of Warcraft is Medivh’s confession, his attempts to correct past sins.

So he again intervened in the course of events.

When a fresh union stumbled upon unknown creatures – night elves.

They were already familiar with the Legion and once resisted Sargeras.

It would seem that it can go wrong?

Apart from the fact that Thunder, in a fit of rage.

Having re-drunk the demon’s blood, killed the deity of the night elves.

Illidan threw everyone and himself became half demon.

And the night elves lost their immortality due to the destruction of their great tree of life … yes, in principle, nothing.

It would seem that together defeated demons and more than once.

Rescued each other in suicidal missions, what could go wrong?

In fact, sometimes the authors of the “Warcraft” allowed very dubious steps for the fans only in order to intensify the conflict between the factions.

For example, Jaina silently looked at how the orcs kill her father just because he refused to go with them to the world.

Well, yes, they also killed his eldest son.

“Why did not you listen to me?” – the last words to the dying father from his beloved daughter.

For more details, see “Faces of War”.

A fresh series of Blizzard commercials for the launch of “The Battle for Azeroth”.

They always got in the way of some trifle.

It seems that at such times they just turn off their heads.

And they can not sit quietly at the negotiating table.

For this and we love “Warcraft”, too much around kindness, warmth and affection.

But that an ax in the skull to drive, because Zag-Zag – alas, courage is not enough.