Space Hulk: Deathwing

What is Space Hulk? This tabletop strategy game from Games Workshop in the setting of Warhammer 40,000, devoted to battles inside the derelict spaceships, where one player controls the squad Space Marines, and the second – opponents genestealers: it’s not the most pleasant establishment, in the appearance and behavior of which are easily traced allusions to classical ksenomorfov of “Aliens”. Deadly battles take place in close corridors where not to turn around and go away.

Space Marines in a special “Terminator” armor cut, shot and burned genestealers that as far as possible try to answer the same enemies. “Nastolki” won a certain popularity, it is not surprising that a Deathwing – is not the first attempt to adapt Space Hulk.

In 1993, the yearElectronic Arts released the eponymous blend of strategy and shooter for the Amiga and DOS platforms, and published the continuation of a couple of years. Relatively recently (in 2013 and 2014 respectively) were two of the new series, already from of Full the Control Studios (yes, another unknown company): Space by Hulk and Space by Hulk: Ascension .

In both cases before us was a turn-based tactics with a view from the top, but if the first part is almost entirely copied rule the desktop version, the developers have decided to continue on a more arbitrary treatment of the original at the same time completely by getting rid of multiplayer. A bold decision and, judging by the reviews, it is justified.

Before the French from Streum On Studio(as well as their colleagues from the Cyanide ) this problem has not been – chosen as the basis of the classic shooter genre completely eliminates any “board” rules. However, without a battle in the narrow corridors and cramped compartments gunman it could not be called Space by Hulk .

Ever shootings and melee fights in a confined space in Deathwing enough, the spirit of the original stored in full, but impressive game in the first place quite different. It is about the external according to the original source – Warhammer 40,000 universe. In this regard, Deathwing can be called one of the best role models.

Approximately the image to be seen on screen in most fights with the enemy. What exactly is happening now – do not understand.

Marines here do look as it should – it’s deadly fighters, clad in heavy power armor and armed with powerful weapons. Armor, great and strong, decorated with protective runes and signs of the Order of Space Marines, forced to move at a measured pace, the sound of which is carried on hollow compartments to abandon ship.

This alone sets the desired fashion – there is a constant bustle bustle, Space Marines are like this machine of death, slow and inexorable. Armament also very impressive looks and sounds – from the bolters and energoperchatok to flame throwers and plasma gun.

And what locations here! “Waha” for each texture, each pixel and each polygon. Narrow corridors are replaced by cabins have long abandoned by their inhabitants, and empty halls, storing the remains of former splendor. More operating power units and covered with century-old dust prayer rooms, ventilation shafts and sleeping rooms – everywhere feel the attention to detail.

The design is not be confused with anything – come to life in front of us as if numerous (and most importantly, variety) interiors with paintings dedicated to the universe of “sorokatysyachnika”. Scary to think how much work and time it took to create such levels.

Genestealers also quite match his “ancestors” – the same toothy, caudate-clawed, and numerous dangerous. these creatures prefer to attack the number – starting with a dozen other at a time, on not less being exchanged.

Dull cannon fodder (with rare exception) – about some tricky maneuvers of course, they do not think. How to surf on the rocky shore, waves break on attacking small detachment of Space Marines – from the battle is a real meat grinder.